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One injured in a truck train collission near Morris Sept. 3

A truck driver suffered minor injuries after the semi he was driving was struck by a train south of Morris on Saturday.

According to the Stevens County Sheriff's Department, 30-year-old Jose Del Carmen Mora Guerrero was driving a semi-tractor and trailer north on 450th Avenue on Saturday afternoon. He was following two other semis and a silage chopper and stopped when the vehicles ahead of him stopped at the intersection with Highway 28. However when he stopped, Guerrero's truck was on the railroad tracks and a train was approaching.

The train was unable to stop and collided with the truck.

Sheriff's Deputy Jason Dingman said the Burlington Northern Santa Fe train was unloaded.

Guerrero was taken to the Stevens Community Medical Center in Morris, but Dingman said his injuries were minor.

The truck is owned by Riverview.

The accident happened at approximately 1:15 p.m Saturday.