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I'll start off with a reminder that the library is closed Monday for Labor Day, Sept. 5.

In honor of our 125th anniversary celebration this month, we are inviting people into the work area of the library to see first-hand what happens in a library. We are calling this event, 'Dilly of a Day' (Day in the Life of the Library). It will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Sept. 12, 14, and 16. If this is something that interests you, give us a call and reserve a time slot.

It's a book signing! An Alexandria author has teamed up with a Glenwood illustrator to create a children's book, Missing My Best Friend, about friendship, an accidental death, and how parents and grandparents can help a child cope and heal. Meet the author, Norma Knapp and illustrator, Faythe Mills and join us for a book signing, Monday, Oct. 3 from 6-8 pm.

Our display this month is on the culture of Scandinavian countries, with contributions from members of the Sons of Norway, Lodge 590.

In conjunction with the efforts of the Morris Area Elementary and High School to promote compassion and caring among students, the public library will highlight books on how to cope with bullying. Themes for the acronym MOSAIC (Mutual respect, Open mindedness, Self respect, Attitude, Individuality, and Community) will be used throughout the school year and appropriate books displayed.

A few books on or about dealing with Bullying at the library:

Between Friends: setting boundaries, by Kate Green, 1992.

Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard, by Sameer Hinjuda, 2009.

Bye-Bye Bully!, by J S. Jackson, 2003.

Dealing with Bullying, by Pam Scheunemann, 2004.

How to Deal with Teasing, by Julie Fielder, 2007.

Loudmouth George and the 6th Grade Bully, by Nancy Carlson, 1983.

Making Smart Choices About Violence, Gangs, and Bullying, by Matthew Monteverde, 2008.

Mom, They're Teasing Me, by Michael Thompson, 2002.

Stop Teasing Taylor, by Jana Carson, 2005.