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Talking it over: A clean slate

In less than a week, our children will be heading back to school, filling the empty classrooms and desks so carefully maintained through the summer. The blackboards have been wiped clean, the hallways shined and polished and the minds of the children open to new experiences and knowledge.

The start of a new school year can be compared to having a clean slate in education. Everything learned in previous years has been tucked away and after a refreshing and, hopefully relaxing summer, the students can start the learning process over again.

The fresh, clean look in the classrooms can be compared to the open minds and refreshed bodies of the students seated within. Teachers and staff have also been preparing for the new year with new knowledge and fresh ideas.

There will be some new books, new school supplies, new clothes and, ultimately, new friends for school this year. There may even be some new faces and new places to meet and visit. It should be an exciting year for the children and the staff.

Along with all these fresh and exciting things for the school year, there will also be some challenges. Students may struggle with parts of the curriculum, they may have difficulties with other students, and there could even be outside issues that hamper learning and socializing.

Even with a clean slate to start the school year, it does not mean that all will be smooth and easy. It will take dedication and desire for the students to learn. Parents and teachers will need to remain patient and understanding. Fellow students should also be less judgemental and more helpful to their peers.

A new school year poses lots of opportunities. I hope all of them are positive for our children even though they may also be challenging.