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Talking it over: It was a fair time

I had a great time at the fair this year. I hope everyone who attended did too. The weather was nice, the food was great and there were so many people I knew, it was hard to do anything but just visit.

After a summer of heat and rain, we got by with just one shower over the weekend and temperatures that were actually bearable. I spent all day Friday at the 4-H judgings, and it was comfortable sitting in the stands. That is normally not the case. This made it much nicer for the 4-Hers, judges and animals.

I think I tested just about every type of food available at the fair. I can't even tell you my favorite because they were all very good. I did have to go back for another round on the pork chops and hamburgers.

My favorite part, however, was browsing through the exhibit buildings. The 4-H, Homemakers and Open Class buildings had several great entries, and I love to see what people have accomplished and sometimes even get some ideas.

I was impressed by how talented the people are in Stevens County. From woodworking, gardening, stitching, and baking to photography, painting and sewing, we have a lot of very talented people. We also have a lot of talented young people and hopefully many of them will go on to continue entering their projects in future fairs.

I have to add that, just like the children, I really enjoy the rides. Not necessarily riding but watching. My husband and I had all five of our grandchildren at the fair on Saturday with three of them going on rides. It was so much fun to see the excitement, joy and wonder on their faces as they tried out each one.

Sunday afternoon, with a few tickets left to use up, we joined our daughter, son-in-law and their two girls at the fair. Jaedyn, who is almost four, was content to ride on the smaller rides but eagerly agreed when her dad asked her if she wanted to try the Tilt-a-whirl. We watched in awe as she laughed and grinned through the ride.

Afterward I asked her if the ride made her tummy feel funny. She said "Yes, it kept rumbling. It felt like when I am hungry."

We were so glad the rumble quieted down for her and she will have a good memory of her first 'big' ride.

Another fair is over, which means school, fall and harvest are not far behind. I hope we can hang on to these beautiful summer days for just a little longer and possibly have a mild winter.