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Talking it over: Bible School

Last week I attended the Bible School program for my granddaughter. It was a wonderful program showing how much the children had learned and obviously how much fun they had during the week.

It was Jaedyn's first time at Bible School, being only three (or just about 4). She was so excited to tell me all about it each night, rambling on and on about the kids, songs, crafts and games. I couldn't wait to watch her show off what she learned at the program.

However, when she got up in front of the crowd with the other children, she simply looked around, shyly waved and smiled. No matter what the director or her mother did, she was not about to sing. It didn't matter to her family. She looked so cute and happy. We were very proud of her and all the children.

Watching the slide show from the week brought back some memories of my Bible School days. It was a week, or even two weeks, that we looked forward to. It meant time spent with friends, great stories, fun games and crafts but best of all, Mom packed us a sack lunch. I was always so excited to get to eat that sandwich, fruit, chips and cookies.

The program was something else though. The music leaders and teachers worked hard with us all week. We memorized the songs, learned Bible verses and did fun actions. It was all routine by the end of the week. However, once you stood up on that stage and looked out at the smiling, proud faces of parents and grandparents, everything you learned disappeared. There were many times when I simply moved my mouth, nothing coming out, hoping to fool people into thinking I knew my lines.

I had sincere sympathy for the little ones frozen in place during the program. It is a big step going from Mom and Dad's laps in the audience to the center of attention on stage. To me, it doesn't really matter if the children sing, dance or recite their lines. Just watching them look so grown up and ready to take on the world makes your heart swell with joy and pride.