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Talking it over: Raindrops keep falling

As I write this, raindrops are hitting the window and roof of my office building. I can't help but think of the song about raindrops that keep falling and wishing the rain would go away for awhile.

I cannot recall a wetter summer than this one. We are getting more than enough rain and heat to keep the crops alive and growing, but the high water levels in lakes, rivers and creeks is starting to be a concern. The water in the lake where we live is currently at the level we see only in the spring, right after the ice goes off. Last weekend we had to find a way to pull the dock out because it was two inches under water.

This was no easy task as there are large pools of water between our driveway and the lake. Driving through the standing water would definitely tear up the yard but also, any vehicles used to pull the dock could get stuck.

We found a way to drive around the puddles and got the dock out. Our son-in-law had to stand on a ladder at the end of the dock in order to pull up the discs. Normally at this time of year, the water is barely up to our knees, not several inches over our heads. Our granddaughters seemed to enjoy the extra swimming pools in the front yard but didn't really like the dead worms floating around in the water.

The constant rain is not allowing the yard to dry up and my garden is almost totally under water. It will not be a productive year for vegetables at our house. I guess that will be okay because my cupboard and freezer are still quite full from last year. I always seem to put up more than I need, just in case of a year like this.

It could be an interesting fall and winter. However, the season that scares me the most is next spring. With this high water in the summer, the normal moisture we get in the fall and winter could put us way over the edge and into some major flooding.

All we can do is wait, watch and worry. I just wish I didn't have to listen to the sound of those raindrops quite this often. Normally I would appreciate this sound at the beginning of August, but this year, the rain can stop for a few weeks and let things dry out for a while. Enough is enough!