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Looking Back

90 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of August 19, 1921

Opening of roadway between towns will be celebrated-one of the biggest celebrations ever held in Stevens County will take place Sunday, Aug. 28 when Morris and Hancock will do honor to the opening of the cement roadway between the tow towns. A procession of automobiles, a thousand cars long with a band concert and speeches afterwords at the fair grounds are a part of the plans. Governer J. A. Opreus or Lieutenant Governor Louis Collins will deliver the main address in honor of the occasion. Hundreds of cars from Morris and from north, east and west of the city will drive in a great procession to Hancock. There they will be met by a long line of cars from Hancock and from south, east and west of town and the people of the two towns will join in a great parade which will pass up Atlantic Avenue in Morris and will then go to the fair grounds for further celebrations. C. M. Babcock or Mr. Mullen will also give an address, and a man from Morris will speak five minutes and a Hancock man five minutes and a half on the significance of the event.

Ernest Irwin and Theresa Anderson carried off first honors in gardening and canning respectively at the Gardening and Canning Show put on by the Boys' and Girls' Club of Morris last Saturday in the Weum-Belverud Store. Each was awarded $6 as first prize by the business men of Morris. J.A. Anderson of the West Central School of Agriculture scored the garden exhibit and Mr. McKintosh of the University of Minnesota passed on the gardens of the members. The canning exhibit was scored by Miss Alice Rockwood of the Agricultural School.

The Dispatch Flying Circus with airships of the latest types and models will carry passengers at the Stevens County Fair, Morris, Sept. 5-8. "Several large special aeroplane shows are to be held in the country this year," said Secretary Wollthan. "It will not be long until it will be possible for aeroplane manufacturers to exhibit at fairs. Until that time comes, however, we must depend upon passenger-carrying planes of the latest make to demonstrate to our visitors the practicability of the plane for carrying mail, passengers and freight."

50 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of July 14, 1961

Thirteen-year-old Roberta Myers of Moore Township, won top honors in the 4-H bread baking contest staged in the science building on the University of Minnesota, Morris campus. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Myers. Her victory was particularly noteworthy because this was the first year that Roberta has taken part in the bread baking project. Winning second honors was Kathleen Smith, 14, of the Ever-Ready club. Third place winner was Barbara Hector, 10, of Rendsville. Al Green of Green's Milling Co. presented cash prizes to the girls.

Bids for the construction of new municipal liquor store building, originally estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $100,000 are being sought by the city of Morris and will be opened on the evening of July 31, according to a published "Call for Bids". The bids will be for the labor and materials for the general construction, mechanical construction and electrical construction and for special equipment for the bar and lounge of the proposed new store, which will replace the two stores now operated by the city in leased buildings.

The critical need for job opportunities for students attending the University of Minnesota, Morris was emphasized in an interview this week with H. G. Croom, Acting Director of Students Services. He revealed that in spite of the fact UMM offers students a college education at a cost which is lower than most Minnesota colleges, it is still sufficiently high so that many of the students who will come to UMM this fall will be in need of part-time work in order to attend. The Morris Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Office of Student Services will shortly begin a program to survey the part time employment picture in Morris. The increased enrollment at UMM this fall will make essential the procuring of a large number of part time jobs. The citizens of Morris are asked to support this program and whenever possible to make use of this ready-made labor pool consisting of excellent young men and women.

Patrick J. McGinnis has been appointed instructor in English at the University of Minnesota, Morris subject to approval of the University of Minnesota board of regents. A graduate of St John's University, Collegeville, Mr. McGinnis received his master of arts degree from the University of Minnesota where he is now completing work on his doctorate. He has been an instructor on the Minneapolis campus for several years. Mr. McGinnis is married and has three children.

25 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of July 17, 1986

There will be an open house in honor of Dr. R. A. Rossberg Wednesday, July 23 at the Sunwood Inn Cougar Room. Dr. Rossberg is retiring from private practice after forty years of practicing medicine in Morris. The event is sponsored by Stevens Community Memorial Hospital and the Morris Medical Center

The Senior Citizens and the Nutrition Site are regrouping and hope to resume full operation soon, after the blow dealt them by the canceling of their insurance, which forced them to vacate the Senior Citizens Center in the old City Hall on July 1. A contract has been signed with Minnegasco to occupy the space in which the gas company's office was located at 511 Oregon Ave. This room will house the activities of the Senior Citizens group, but will not be able to accommodate the meals. The latest plans for the nutrition site involve Kelly's Fine Foods. She has agreed to cater dinners for the seniors and to serve them in her side room at 11 a.m. She can seat 50-60 comfortably in that room and will allow overflow, on busy days, to sit in the main dining room.

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) programs provide a variety of services to families of children between the ages of birth to kindergarten enrollment. This program is now offered in the Chokio-Alberta School District. Two trained staff will be involved with the Chokio-Alberta program. Carol Ritter is the Early Childhood Teacher and will be working with the parent-child interactions and child activities. Peggy Knudson will be the Parent Facilitator and assist in parent discussions and coordinator work.

There will be only two contests in this fall's Stevens County elections. Kenneth Hamrum is challenging incumbent James Martin in the county attorney's race. Richard Stark will face incumbent Clarence Ettesvold in the contest for Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor from District One. Six incumbents will be running without opposition. They are Second District Commissioner Herb Kloos, Fifth District Commissioner Robert Stevenson, County Sheriff Larry Sayre, County Auditor-Treasurer Dick Bluth, County Recorder Virginia Mahoney, and SWCD supervisor Douglas Rasmusson.

10 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun Tribune of June 19, 2001

MAHS track Tiger Chris Esterling won two state championships in sprint races at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Chris was champion in the 100 meters (time of 11.33) and 200 meters (22.08). Joining Chris at the state meet on June 8-9 with congratulations was Anthony Ekren, Greg Veenendaal, Lacey Taffe, Renee Dahlseng, Nic Lesmeister and Luke Griffith.

Dr. Michael Lair, son Ryan, and Jeanne Miller, and husband Jerry, were members of a group of 34 VOSH of Minnesota (volunteers for optometric services for humanity) volunteers who traveled to Mexico in March to help 2,500 people in Parral, Mexico to provide eyecare and eyeglasses to the underprivileged in Mexico. For ten days, the VOSH group provided an eye clinic at a Lions Club facility in Parral. The clinic and its six optometrists and other volunteers, from around central Minnesota, were able to clean, neutralize, label, and pack over 9,000 pairs of glasses plus give 2,500 exams/screenings; everyone who came to the clinic was able to get at least a pair of sunglasses.

The 2,650 square feet LaFave House, which was donated to UMM by Edward and Patricia Paul LaFave in 1999, is in the works to make the home into a hospitality center for UMM and the community. It will be a place for the Chancellor to entertain guests, hold receptions and for the campus community to host parties and special events besides a place where the community can hold special occasions such as showers, dinners, and small receptions.

The Morris Human Rights Commission, which was formed in 1997, works to educate the public on a variety of human rights issues, including accessibility. The commission has managed to have a handicapped ramp installed at the Post Office and also to modify a door to a handicapped bathroom at a Morris hotel. Other local facilities have improved also, such as sidewalk curb cuts, new push button doors and handicapped restrooms at the Morris Public Library. Accessibility often comes down to details that able-bodied people scarcely notice, says Ed Larson, Morris city manager.

Minnesota State University Moorhead has named the following students to the dean's list in recognition of academic achievement during spring semester 2001. Rachel Lange, Alberta; Leah Christie and Ryan Larson, Hancock; Christine Aeikens, Willmar; Sarah Beauregard, Jeffery Tickle, Jenny Giese, and Heidi Van Kempen, Morris; Lori Gieselman and Heidi Kopel, Donnelly.

Two full-time staff members at the University of Minnesota, Morris received their master of liberal studies (M.L.S.) degrees from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in May. Pam Gades, principal support specialist in computing services, earned a bachelor of arts degree in business/economics form UMM in 1992 She earned an MLS degree with a concentration in educational technology on May 31. Nancy Mooney, director of institutional research in academic affairs, earned a bachelor of arts in mathematics from UMM in 1976. She received an MLS degree on May 31.