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Stevens County Sheriff's Office warns of possible scam

The Stevens County Sheriff's office has received information that there may be one or more groups of people operating in the area selling asphalt paving. There have been reports in neighboring counties of people being victims of this scam.

If you are contacted by people selling asphalt paving, you are asked to contact the Stevens County Sheriff's Department at 320-208-6500 or your local law enforcement agency.

If you can do so safely, note as much information as you can regarding the individuals and any vehicles they might be using. Again, this should only be done if it can be done safely.

While there are many reputable people doing asphalt paving, there are also some that are not. The Sheriff's Department is asking for your assistance in stopping those people before they victimize someone in Stevens County.

The Stevens County Sheriff's office can be reached at 320-208-6500.