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Talking it over: We asked for it

Was it just a few months ago that I was complaining about the cold weather and wondering when or if summer would arrive? Well I guess I asked for this. Summer is here with a vengeance. What a difference a few months can make.

Actually when you think about all the rain and heat we have now, you could say we are more than making up for the cool spring. If there was a way to balance things out, this is the way it had to go. The extreme heat is really not that uncommon for this time of year. It is just that we had become used to rather cooler temperatures.

Every winter, when we are dealing with below zero temps, I voice my complaints and often bring up the heat of summer. Wishing we could bottle some of it up for those cold days. Now, as we deal with the heat of summer, I could wish for a bottle of that winter cold to cool things off.

A person could get quite rich if you could figure out how to bottle the weather and open it up as needed. We could save up some snow for hot dry summer days and likewise, save some heat to melt any large accumulations of snow. We could save rain for dry spells and dry weather for rainy days. We could bring out a cloud or two when the sun is too bright and take away a few clouds during the dreary winter days.

I know that nothing is impossible in this world but bottling weather would be an extreme accomplishment. In the meantime, we just have to learn to deal with what we are given and appreciate it for what it gives us.

This heat, humidity and moisture makes the fields, grass, trees, flowers and gardens grow. It brings about food for our tables and beauty all around. Even though we may be too hot on certain days to enjoy it, there are those rare evenings when we can sit outdoors and appreciate everything around us.

I guess when it comes to weather we have to be careful what we wish for because it just might come true. Instead we need to trust in higher powers, someone who knows what is best for us, and every once and awhile, gives us what we ask for.