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Talking Points: It's been great and I'll see y'all soon, hopefully

I had a big, ol' screed rolling around in my head for the last few weeks, about how I was going to tell you all the reasons Morris and Stevens County are great places to live and work.

But most of you know that already, and those who don't, well, it's your loss.

I'm not very good at goodbyes, and so as I leave for a new job after 7-1/2 years here, I'll leave you with just a few words.

Thanks for the kind words from so many of you -- more than I frankly expected! I don't need even one full hand to count the number of bad days I've had living and working among you.

My successor is almost on board, and that's another reason this is kind of short: my boss has a moving van running and backed up to the door and she keeps looking at the clock. She's also not all broken up over the fact that she won't get to look at the column photo to your left that was cropped out of my engagement photo seven years ago!

The person coming in next is a solid journalist and person -- way better at a lot of things that this job entails than I'll ever be -- and this place won't miss a beat. Actually, I think it will gain some beats.

And I'll dearly miss my current and recently departed colleagues. In my family, I am the only guy among four sisters. Here, I was the only guy among a dozen female co-workers, but they are more like my sisters Nos. 5 through 17. Love 'em all.

That's it. See ya. Be kind to each other, remember to put the seat down, change the oil every 3,000 miles, be sure to spay or neuter your pets, and as the noted sage Red Green would say, keep your stick on the ice. Hope to be back to say Hi again real soon.