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Talking it over: Some grandma time

The first two weeks in July have been very busy. You would think that things would slow down a bit with school out and people taking vacations and such. However, it is also a time for communities to come together for celebrations, reunions, dances and great meals.

During those first 10 days of July, I spent seven with my grandchildren. There were four days over the July 4 holiday when our entire family was home and then again last weekend during Prairie Pioneer Days when we watched two of our granddaughters.

It has been both fun and exhausting for my husband and myself.

Over the July 4 weekend we were not only busy at home but also attending the many activities. My arms were always filled with one child or another and I loved watching them enjoy things like fireworks, campfires, boating, tubing and parades.

This last weekend, we took in only a few things in Morris and spent more time with our two granddaughters at home. Despite the heat, they wanted to be outside as much as possible which included swimming, riding bikes, going for walks, reading books, watching movies and playing with the mixed bunch of toys we have accumulated over the years.

As I sat (which was never very long) and watched them play, I was thankful for the toys we have saved or purchased over the years. The girls were constantly moving from one plaything to another with a very short attention span for each one. It was sometimes hard to keep up with what they were doing next.

When the heat got unbearable or bedtime approached, we were able to convince them to spend time in the house and do a few less "busy" activities. Taped cartoons worked for our three-year-old but not for the one-year-old. However, she was content to sit in her high chair and enjoy a snack, so both girls got to have a lot of snacks. I was surprised that despite what is often said about snacks spoiling meals, the girls ate quite well when it came to lunch or dinner. Of course, we made all their favorites, like macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. (Grandpa thought he was in food heaven, too!)

After a couple not-so-restful nights, with a three-year-old sleeping close by and a monitor for the baby, Sunday morning arrived and it was time for them to go home. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye, especially when the youngest one cried and reached out to come back to me.

Back at home the house was extremely quiet. It took just a short time to put everything away and get things back to normal. It took even longer for grandpa and grandma to feel like breaking the silence. It is surprising how comfortable a person can become with peace and quiet and how enjoyable a small break from that quiet can be.