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Glasrud takes oath as new 8th Judicial District Court Judge

New 8th Judicial District Judge Charles Glasrud is sworn in by retired Judge Peter Hoff, who Glasrud succeeds. Glasrud's mother, Barbara, held the Bible for her son's oath.

By Tom Larson

Sun Tribune

Charlie Glasrud said he didn't spend time in his youth dreaming of one day becoming a judge.

But as his life and his career in law progressed, he began to understand that joining the judiciary was a logical next step, and it was one he was ready to take.

On Friday, Glasrud stepped forward in a Stevens County courtroom packed with family, colleagues and friends to be sworn in as the newest judge in the 8th Judicial District.

Retired Judge Peter Hoff, who will be succeeded by Glasrud, administered the oath as Glasrud's mother, Barbara, held the Bible and Glasrud's wife, Deb Economou, looked on.

Thirteen current or retired judges witnessed Glasrud's oath, including Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Paul Anderson and 8th Judicial District Chief Judge Steven Drange.

Glasrud thanked all who attended and said the district had great judges and lawyers and that "I've learned a lot from all the judges I've worked with."

He paid special thanks to his mother, who had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago and kept as her goal attending the swearing-in ceremony.

Glasrud also thanked Economou, with whom he has shared a law practice as well as a life together. One regret of his new position is leaving the practice, he said.

"It feels like we're breaking something up but we're really not," Glasrud said. "I wouldn't be achieving things like this without her help. I love her to death."

In his comments, Anderson said that Glasrud was "a special person and this is a special swearing-in."

He told Glasrud that times are tough and that he would do well to work to keep morale up.

"You are a leader," Anderson said. "People will look to you."

Anderson mentioned a recent talk he had with Glasrud and how the new judget had an uplifting personality that he should bring out in his new job.

"I always feel better after we've had a conversation," Anderson said to Glasrud. "Try to bring that into the courtroom."

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