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Looking Back

90 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of July 29, 1921

The girls of the Alberta Cake Baking team won second place in the entire west central district of the United States, the Hennepin County team defeating them by only a small score. The prize bakers are Miss Viola Gulbranson, Miss Palma Norby and Miss Lucille Larson. Alberta has carried off the highest honors in bread baking, canning and other projects for a number of years.

The members of the Commercial Club Friday night passed a resolution requesting the City Commissioners to install an iron removal and clarification or infiltration plant at Morris. Mayor George Geenty has spent the past three weeks looking into the efficiency and expense of installation of the various types of iron removal and softening plants in an effort to find out what kind would be best suited to the hardness of the water at Morris. He reported that at a cost of about $3,000 an iron removal and clarification plant could be installed in Morris which would remove the iron by aeriation.

Thrashing has started--Jake Noll in the southeastern part of Darnen, threshed oats Monday that went 50 bushels to the acre, while 30 bushels is reported from further south on lighter soil. J. L. Rhody brought oats to the Eames elevator in Morris that went 27 bushels and barley that went 25 bushels. L. Negels brought oats from the Andrew Michaels farm to the Stewart elevator from two separate pieces, one of which went 40 1/4 bushels and the other 44 bushels to the acre. The last of the cutting of small grain was done this week, and all the threshing machines are starting. From all indications, small grain except a small area of light soil is going to thresh out well in this county.

Two popular home styles currently being built are the shingled Dutch colonial and the unusual California "airplane" bungalow designs.

50 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of June 23, 1961

Members of Company D, 1st Battle Group, 136th Infantry of Morris this weekend will complete their annual two weeks of field training at Camp Ripley, near Little Falls.

A 50-acre farm on the west shore of Swan Lake was purchased by the non-profit Barnes-Aastad Soil and Water Conservation Research association and leased to the Agricultural Research Service, where erosion and tillage studies will be conducted in cooperation with the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. The farm was selected by soil scientists of the Agricultural Research Service and the Soil Conservation Service on the basis of soil, length and slope characteristics for erosion studies. In addition, its proximity to the lake lends itself to "rainulator" studies and to possible irrigation studies in the future.

Preliminary sketches and plans for the proposed new municipal liquor store building were approved by the city commission at a special meeting Wednesday evening.

A comprehensive business and economic sequence will be offered at the University of Minnesota, Morris beginning next fall, Dean Rodney A. Briggs announced recently. Under the new sequence courses will be provided for those students desiring liberal arts degrees who plan to enter business and secretarial positions. The sequence will also fulfill the requirements of persons interested in business education.

Cheryl Swanson, of Morris, will spend the coming year in Rotterdam, Holland under the American Field Service program. According to word received by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cy Swanson, Cheryl arrived in Rotterdam on June 19.

25 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of June 26, 1986

The City's insurance carriers will no longer insure the Senior Citizens Center building, so the Senior Citizens Club and the Lutheran Social Services Senior Nutrition Program will have to vacate the building by July 1. City Manager Ed Larson told the Council and representatives of the seniors' groups Tuesday night that "I think the decision should be made to evacuate that building as soon as possible." And Mike Tate, from Morris State Agency, said the building will not be covered after July 1. "We do not want anyone in that building when it collapses. We're concerned with public safety." The Council's vote to evacuate the building also provided for City crews to assist in moving some of the equipment and furniture.

An exciting teaching opportunity overseas has opened up for Phyllis Gausman, long-time teacher in the Chokio-Alberta school system. Gausman has been selected by the Minnesota Department of Education to teach for a year in China. Gausman is one of two teachers set for departure at the end of August. She and Fred Price, a Moundsview teacher, will be in China until July 1, 1987.

An interesting spectacle was viewed at East Side Park in Morris Tuesday afternoon. A huge troupe of bicyclists, led by journalist Jim Klobuchar, paused for a break as it passed through this area. The caravan includes several hundred bike enthusiasts, who will end up having covered approximately 500 miles. The Coca-Cola company provided refreshments for the bikers and Hardee's chipped in with desserts. The bikers were hosted during their Morris respite by the Chamber of Commerce. Prairie Pioneer Days T-shirts were on sale as souvenirs.

10 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun Tribune of June 7, 2001

Stevens County finally has a new County Engineer, but he may not seem all that new to longtime County residents. After having two candidates turn them down, the Board turned to former Stevens County Engineer Larry Schaub to take over the position left vacant by Schaub's successor, Merle Earley. According to County Coordinator Duane Hebert, Schaub's intention is to give the Board a chance to replace Earley with their County Engineer of choice. Schaub intends to fill the position until Brian Giese--who has been acting as an interim Engineer in the Highway Department since Earley left--becomes certified to take the position. Giese, who has been a life-long resident of the County, is in his mid-twenties and lives in Morris with his wife. He is the only candidate for the County Engineer position the Board has considered who is local.

Bernadette D. O'Reily from Donnelly, was awarded the Charles and Lillian Gay Endowment Fund and the Piano Scholarship Fund at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse during the 2001-2002 academic year.

Jacob Eiler, son of William and Debbie Eiler of Morris, has been named a Labovitz Scholar at the College of St. Scholastica. Jacob is planning to major in pre-medicine biology or chemistry at St. Scholastica.

Three Morris Area High School teams recently participated in the 15 county regional Envirothon. Teams consist of four to five members in grades 9-12. This year's competition was the largest ever in the area, with 41 teams. One MAHS team placed 5th in the competition. Members are Andy Korth, John Sungar, Matt Haugen, Luke Martin and Jon Anderson. Gary Brunko of Morris Area High School is the team adviser. In addition, MAHS sent two other teams, also coached by Gary Brunko. Members of the first of those teams were Chris Carlson, Garrett Mullins, Megan Beyer and Seyward Mattson. The second team was comprised of Kevin Dickey, Joe Glasrud, Michael Luetmer, Tim Dudding.