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Talking it over: Lions applauded on fourth

We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather for the July 4 celebration. Each event of the three days went over very well and the weather cooperated throughout.

The dedicated Lions members once again did a great job organizing the activities. They are a committed group, intent on making the celebration a success each year.

I want to applaud them for their efforts and say thank you. Personally I was able to witness a lot of smiles, laughs, ohs and ahs, applause and friendly greetings. Everyone seemed to be enjoying whatever event they were attending.

I want to continue to thank Ken Grunig and the Hancock band for their dedication to the celebration in Hancock. A parade just isn't the same without the local marching band and I am so happy each year to see them perform. It takes a lot of early morning practices and commitment to make this happen. I even heard a few former band members (who complained once about those early morning practices), that this is their favorite part of the parade. Someday it will be for these students too.

Each of the events was well-attended and successful. I didn't take in everything but tried to get a smattering of pictures from most of the activies. I will be running these over the next few weeks, mainly because July is a rather slow month for pictures so I have room. You can also loof for photos in our online photo gallery at

I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did and have had the chance to thank some of the people who make it happen each year.