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Talking It Over: Elected officials letting us down when they can't get job done like rest of us

Every time I hear about the possible government shut-down (which is often lately), I feel as if our elected officials are letting us down.

In some ways they are holding taxpayers hostage while refusing to work toward an agreement.

As taxpayers we deserve more. We take our responsibility in electing them seriously. We should get the same in return.

When election day comes around we are prepared and educated on the issues. Ready to cast our votes in a timely matter. We don't have the option to say "I just can't decide so I am going to vote later."

A deadline is a deadline. We take deadlines seriously in many areas of our life. The governor, senators and representatives need to do the same.

In the newspaper business, we have to meet our deadlines. If we didn't, the readers would not get what they pay for when they expect it. This can be said about most lines of work. The work needs to be done in a timely manner.

We have to pay our bills on time. If we don't, we get fines or penalties for putting it off. The same should apply to the government.

Perhaps they need to be fined for each day they put off the decision.

It is not fair to put the burden of their indecision and political gains on the backs of the taxpayers. There has been so much "talk" over the last few weeks about the shut-down and seemingly no "action' when it comes to avoiding it.

In recent years, many of the elected officials seem to put things off until the final minutes. Nothing gets done in those early weeks of sessions with too much decision-making put off for the final weeks.

This often leads to a lot of give-and take, with things thrown into bills or taken out at the last minute.

I can't imagine running my life or a business that way much less the government. My only hope is that this catastrophe of a session is a learning experience and will never be repeated.