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Looking Back

90 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of July 22, 1921

Chiseling their way into the vault of the Alberta State Bank, bandits robbed 50 safety deposit boxes of liberty bonds and other valuables Wednesday night and made a clean get away after cutting all the telephone wires out of Alberta. Tools for the robbery were stolen from the tool house in connection with the Great Northern Depot. The amount of the loss has not yet been ascertained. It is thought the robbery occurred fairly late in the morning for the thieves were evidently hurried. More than six safety deposit boxes were left unopened. Breaking into the Great Northern tool house they procured crow bars and other tools which they carried to the bank. They entered by a window and chiseled a hole in the brick wall which surrounds the vault, making an opening behind the safety deposit boxes. Tipping over the boxes they crawled in and opened the boxes throwing aside envelopes and papers they did not want. Most of the valuables stolen were owned by farmers in the vicinity of Alberta. It will take a day or two to check up on what is missing.

About $300 worth of the merchandise stolen from the Weum Belverud Dry Goods Company was recovered on Wednesday of this week when word was received from the Grant County jail that two boys who had been arrested charged with burglary at Herman had confessed to robbing the store here on the night of July 2. Sheriff F.A. Zahl took a search warrant and drove to the farm near Herman where search was made and the goods recovered. The goods were identified by Alex Romstad.

The Morris Concert Band will hold an all-day picnic and carnival at Thieman's place at Lake Pomme de Terre on Sunday. An airplane exhibition, band concerts, ball games, water sports and foot races will be the features of the day's entertainment.

The second statewide co-operative marketing enterprise to be started in Minnesota this summer was to be launched this week, in an intensive drive to unite 600 co-operative creameries into a powerful association. Every co-operative creamery in the state is to be given an opportunity, between now and Sept. 5, to join the Minnesota Co-operative Creameries association, Inc. The objects and powers of the new association will be explained to the directors and patrons of every creamery by actual farmers action under the direction of the Minnesota Farm Bureau federation and the new marketing agency.

50 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of June 16, 1961

The architectural firm of Hickey and Little of Minneapolis and Marshall has been retained by the city commission to prepare plans and specifications for the new municipal building the commission proposes to construct to house a municipal liquor store. Preliminary drawings for the new building are expected to be submitted by the architects to the commission at an adjourned meeting next Wednesday evening. On the other side of the coin, initiative petitions which seek to retain the city-owned area at Oregon Avenue and East 6th Street as a permanent municipal parking area were filed with City Manager D.A. Reiber late Wednesday. The petitions, signed by 100 citizens, ask the commission to adopt an ordinance designation that area as a permanent parking area, or, in lieu thereof, to submit the question to the electors of the city. The petitions filed Wednesday are the second set of petitions that have been filed on the same matter. The first set, filed on May 31, were later declared by City Attorney O.K. Alger as not conforming to provisions of the city charter.

Construction work was started Thursday on a new four-apartment building that will be erected by Les Ogdahl in Elles University addition, the new residential area on the southeast side of the city that is being developed by Mr. Ogdahl. "Elles University Apartments" will be the name of the new building. The name is held to be especially appropriate since it utilizes the name of the new addition as well as emphasizing its nearness to the University of Minnesota, Morris. Elles University addition now has 10 completed new homes, with two more homes under construction, and is the site of the new Zion Lutheran Church.

The extreme closeness that has existed between the new University of Minnesota, Morris and the West Central School of Agriculture and Experiment Station will not be so marked after July 1. The closeness of the institutions has been due, in part, to the fact that all have been actively directed by one man. He is Rodney A. Briggs, who is currently superintendent of the West Central School and Experiment Station and dean of the University of Minnesota, Morris. In view of the anticipated rapid growth of the UMM and the responsibilities that will bring, Dr. Briggs will relinquish the superintendency of the West Central School and Station and will become dean of the UMM only.

The directors of the First Federal Saving and Loan association of Morris have created a new full-time position-that of manager-in the office of the association and have retained C.I. Dolva to fill the post. Mr. Dolva, presently with the hardware department of Home Builders Co., has resigned that position and, following a week's vacation, will take up his new work with First Federal on July 1.

Saturday, June 20 is designated as "Get Acquainted Day" at the Phillips 66 service station at Atlantic Avenue and Second Street, operated by Dick Anderson and Carl Moser, and special "extra" offerings will be featured during the day at the station. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Moser join in an invitation to the motoring public to visit their station Saturday.

25 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of June 19, 1986

Morris-Donnelly and three other area school districts will launch their new adult ag program at a special meeting for farmers July 1 at the Morris High School Auditorium. The program was approved with funding from the state this spring. Other school districts participating are Chokio-Alberta, Cyrus, and Hancock. The program is limited to people in one of the four school districts. Dan Perkins, adult ag instructor, explained at a news conference that the program is a "comprehensive farm management program." He said it would include individual work with farmers in on-the-farm visits which will start immediately, and enterprise classes which will begin later this fall.

Groundbreaking last Sunday brought an historic occasion for the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church in west Morris: the groundbreaking for the new church building. There was a timely letup in the intermittent rainfall that characterized the morning's weather. Many congregation members had an opportunity to apply shovels along with the Rev. Greg Garmer.

Many people this June have been thinking about graduations, their own, their children's, or their friends'. Others are thinking about reunions of their classes. One Morris resident, Miss Florence Ortman, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of her graduation from Morris High School this year. The High School yearbook written by the class of 1911, the first one for the Morris schools, was named The Junior Comet, since they did it as Juniors and were thinking of the last appearance of Haley's comet, which occurred during "their year."

The fun of summertime community festivals is providing the backdrop for Sandy Benson's duties as Miss Morris these days. Festivals comparable to our own Prairie Pioneer Days can be found on any given weekend somewhere in Minnesota. Sandy and her princesses, Lisa Wu and Heidi Larson, are traveling to a great many. No fewer than three are on this weekend's schedule. The royalty's perform an ambassador-type function on behalf of Morris. The coordinators of the Miss Morris program--Jeri Anderson and Barb Lesmeister--see this function as vital. Some of the more distant commitments help "put Morris on the map" as far as those areas are concerned.

Lisa Brandt of Morris has been accepted at Alexandria Vocational Technical Institute for the 1986-87 school year. She will be enrolled in the secretarial program beginning Sept. 2, 1986. Lisa is the daughter of Gerald and Germaine Brandt.

10 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun Tribune of June 5, 2001

Longtime Country Day Nursery teacher Sarla Agarwal will retire after three decades of teaching in Morris. Sarla has taken her responsibilities seriously and feels honored to have played an important role in the lives of her students. Because of the commitment of parents and the facilities she works in, Agarwal says Country Day "has been much more than a job. It's been my life. It's been so enriching."

Fifth grade students at MAES successfully completed "Project Alpha" with a spectacular morning launch on Tuesday, May 29. A "go for launch" decision was made early in the morning by instructor Ken Gagner, with a perfect launch condition noted. Project Alpha is a thematic unit in which students complete four intelligence gathering missions in the areas of weather, physics, light and optics, and the history of manned and unmanned space flight.

Land of Lakes Council announces and congratulates volunteer Linda Pagel on receiving Girl Scouts of the USA's Outstanding Leader Award.

The Outstanding Leader Award is given to individuals who directly serve girls as a leader for a troop or group. Linda Pagel has been involved in Girl Scouting for ten years as an adult volunteer Pagel currently serves as a Girl Scout Leader in Morris for Troop #891. The University of St. Thomas presented awards, recognized the year's academic scholarship and award winners and applauded its "best and brightest" undergraduates at an honors convocation May 13. Among the scholarship and award winners was Jocelyn Heltemes, daughter of Vivian and Gerald Heltemes of Morris, who received the William D. Larson Scholarship in Chemistry and the Chemistry Department Summer Research Fellowship.