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Looking Back

90 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of June 17, 1921

The West Central School of Agriculture will be the scene of three important events during June and July which will be of interest to all farm people in west central Minnesota. These include the livestock conference on June 29, the Farm Woman's Week July 20-23, and the annual Visitor's Day July 14. The Farm Woman's Week is now one of the most important events held on the school campus. Since the first Woman's Week was held some years ago, it has steadily increased in enrollment and profit to the women who attend. There is a real treat in store for the women who attend the course: something has been planned for every minute of the day. Lectures and demonstrations will be given on beekeeping, poultry raising, child training and foods and cookery with special attention to the preparation of farm products. These lectures will be given by people from the University who are experts in their line and every phase of the subject will be taken up.

Delegates representing 320 co-operative Minnesota creameries, meeting in convention at the state capital, have launched a statewide association designed to improve the market for Minnesota dairy products and save money for the producers. A board of 15 directors, elected by the convention, is drafting articles of incorporation for the Minnesota Co-operative Creameries Association, Inc. Every Co-operative creamery in the state will be given a chance to join.

The motorcycle races which were postponed last Sunday on account of the protest of the congregation present in the morning at the Methodist church, will be held tomorrow afternoon at the fairgrounds.

The Holstein cow Nockdair Pontiac Burke Segis owned by the agricultural school, completed an official seven day milk and butter record on Monday. In the seven days she made 23.35 lbs. of butter and 545.9 lbs. of milk. A. J. Conliffe was the official tester. This cow is also the mother of a fine pair of twin bull calves born May 23, 1921.

50 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of May 19, 1961

Through action recently of its board of directors, the Morris 9-F Sportsmen's club has purchased a 50-acre area just east of the city and plans to develop it over a period of years as a site for a number of its activities. The area is south and across old highway 28 from the Rand Drive-In theatre. It was purchased from Earn Julius for $2,500. An entrance road into the area is already under construction. A first project to be developed in the new area, according to Elmer F. Anderson, club secretary, will be a trapshooting range. "The club now has a range at the Pomme de Terre Golf and Country Club but steadily increasing interest in trap over recent years has made the facilities there inadequate, and there is no opportunity for expanding the present range," said Mr. Anderson.

A student-faculty softball game will open a festive two-day program at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Planned by the students, UMM activity days are being held today and Saturday. Classes have been excused today for the special events which include the ball game, a bed pushing contest, and whist tournament with an open house, snake dance, and street dance scheduled for tonight. Athletic events will initiate Saturday's program with gymnasium activities and a picnic planned for the afternoon. A hayride, campfire and songfest and a Saturday night dance will climax the events. General chairmen of activity days are Marvin Dyrstad, Glenwood, and Judy Stoner, Morris.

Approval of the home of the Frank Murphy family of this city as the home for an American Field Service student from a foreign land while that student attends Morris high school next year was received Wednesday from the national headquarters of the AFS. Success of the AFS program in Morris for another year was further assured recently with the announcement that the Morris chapter's quota of $650 for participation in the program has been oversubscribed.

An Otter Tail Power Co. crew started Thursday morning to install 48 new fluorescent type street lights in Morris residential areas. This will comprise the 1961 phase of the city's continuing program of improvement of the street lighting system throughout the city. There were 48 of the new type lights installed on various residential streets in 1960 also. The fluorescent lights are being installed this year on East 6th St., from Colorado Ave. to the high school building on East 3rd St., from Atlantic Ave. to the University of Minnesota, Morris campus; on East 7th St. for a distance of two blocks, and on West 5th St., from Pacific to Lyndale Ave.

Dr. R.A. Rossberg and Dr. A. I. Arneson were named to the Morris board of education for regular three-year terms at the annual school election Tuesday evening. These two candidates were unopposed on the ballot and lack of a contest was reflected in the comparatively light vote that was cast. Holdover members of the school board are John Palmer, Ernest Kellenberger, Arnold Thompson and Oren Gilbert.

Five young people from our area will be among 396 graduates who will receive diplomas at commencement exercises at the State School of Science at Wahpeton on May 26. Those graduating from this area are Dorothy Smith, John Cress, Sigurd Holme, Joe Roles and Richard Kaye.

25Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of May 22, 1986

The 1986 C-A class consists of 31 students, 14 of whom are honor students. Speaking on behalf of the class at the May 25 commencement will be Anne Benham, Lisa Bruer, and Donald Snell. The '86 class will be presented by Principal Ron Paggen. Diplomas will be awarded by Board of Education member William Staebler.

New raingear for the Morris Elementary Safety Patrol has been acquired thanks to the generosity of the Morris American Post (Walter Tripp Post No. 29). The Post was represented by Commander Eugene DeGier.

Two members of the Morris High School girls golf team will advance to regional competition. Anje Erickson and Stephanie Carr scored among the top players in sub-region competition. They will play at the regional tournament Friday, May 23 in Fergus Falls. Fifteen girls were out for this, the first year of the Morris High School girls golf program. The six who represented Morris at the sub-regions were Anje Erickson, Sarah Hanke, Sara Van Kempen, Stephanie Carr, Jenny Charles, and Missy Lee.

Registered brokers now offer consumer oriented investment advice, in a service offered right in the lobby of First Federal Savings Bank. At the INVEST Center in First Federal's main office, customers can choose from a range of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, unit trusts, tax advantaged investments, government securities, and other investments. In addition, INVEST customers can obtain objective advice about the management of their portfolios and personal financial planning. Adele P. Cotter has joined First Federal and ISFA to manage the INVEST Center in Morris. She was a broker with Piper Jaffray & Hopwood in Alexandria for the past year and a half.

A series of public events will celebrate the dedication of the new Hubert H. Humphrey Center at the University of Minnesota May 26 and 27. The center, built to house the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) and portions of the School of Management, was designed by Leonard Parker and Associates.

Liz Harris and incumbent Neil Schmidgall were the winners in the School Board election in the Morris-Donnelly District Tuesday. Harris received 151 votes and Schmidgall received 125. The third candidate, Pat Schmidgall, received 118 votes. There were 296 voters in the three precincts, close to the total number of 304 voters last year.

10 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun Tribune of May 15, 2001

The Chokio-Alberta School District will continue to maintain school buildings in both Chokio and Alberta. On May 3, the C-A School Board met in a special session to discuss the possibility of closing one of the buildings as a cost savings measure. In the end, however, the Board decided that there would not be enough time to implement closing one of the buildings before next school year. Either would require some renovations before it could house the K-12 grades.

In honor of Arbor Day and Arbor month, the Stewards of the Forest Award is given to three Minnesota classrooms dedicated to "spreading the arbor message and working as stewards of the forest in their own back yard, school yard, or forest region." The Stewards of the Forest award is given each year to a third or fourth grade class, a fifth or sixth grade class, and a seventh grade class. This year St. Mary's sixth grade class was one of the lucky winners that were honored at the state capitol. The sixth-grade class includes Taelyn Coffee, Emma Durkee, Joshua Griffith, Elizabeth Hennen, Sarah Kolden, Adam Lesmeister, Andrew Loher, Kelsey Maloney, David Pashen, and Steven Sager. The group was joined by teacher Sue Hennen and Principal Tim Cannon.

JoAnna M. Korn, daughter of Brad and Judy Korn, Morris, has been accepted to the University of Minnesota, Morris for fall semester 2001. Korn is a 2001 graduate of Morris Area High School. She is a member of the National Honor Society, a state basketball participant, was named All Conference for volleyball, and is a recipient of the U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award.

Mike Dalager, son of Bob and Vicki Dalager, Morris, has been accepted to the University of Minnesota, Morris for fall semester 2001 under the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act. Dalager will graduate from Morris Area High School in 2002.

Senior Girl Scouts Mary and Sandi Johnson, daughters of Brad and Tammy Johnson, Morris, designed and directed a Field Day Camp for their Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouts. Only 3 percent of the scouts achieve this award.

Lois Peterson has joined the staff at Pedersen Funeral Home in Morris as a Preplanning Consultant. Lois is originally from the Morris area. She has worked for several years with her husband Dale in the insurance and real estate business and is excited to put her years of experience to use serving families in the Morris area.