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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We worked on Ch this week and read our favorite books---"Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ABC" and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 123." Our musical was Thursday night and it was fantastic! It was about pirates---lots of fun. Next week is our last week and we will be graduating on Friday--what a great year we had! Thanks to everyone that helped us in any way!

Grade 1: We had our last list of spelling words for the year! We have been reviewing our math addition and subtraction facts. We are learning about the sun, stars and planets in science. On Thursday morning we took a field trip to Northern Impressions and did some planting. Our spring concert was on Thursday night and it went great!

Grade 2: The second graders completed their last spelling lesson and reviewed words from the entire year. In math they explored probability and worked with measuring with meters and discussed 3-dimensional shapes. The spring concert on Thursday was a great success and we thank Mrs. Hodgson for all her effort in getting us ready for it!

Grade 3: The third graders completed their last reading story and also reviewed their last spelling lesson of the year. The students invite you to join our 11 a.m. school closing Mass at Pomme de Terre Park on Friday, June 3, weather permitting.

Grade 4: We enjoyed Father Peter's slide show presentation of his recent trips to Turkey and Ireland. It was also very interesting to see examples of money and souvenirs that he brought back. In math class we are learning to write and compare decimal numbers.

Grade 5: The students continue to work hard learning about fractions. This week we have been working on word problems and trying to figure out if you would multiply or divide the fractions. That can be tricky! We also had Father Peter show us slides on his trips to Ireland and Istanbul.

Grade 6: We are learning about probability in math. We used Skittles to practice and learn about the probability of getting certain colors out of the bag. We created a mosaic picture for art using a variety of shapes. On Thursday we performed our last concert at St. Mary's. It was a pirate theme.

Upcoming Events

June 1--Kindergarten to Wahpeton Zoo

June 2--Grade 6 Graduation Mass, 7 p.m.

June 3--Last Day of School: 8:30 tree planting; 11 a.m. Mass at Pomme de Terre