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Talking It Over: We can't control the weather

Rain, rain go away. Come back the end of July, or maybe August.

If only we could pick and choose the type of weather we want on specific days or times of the year. Just like we can't prevent a blizzard in winter, we can not stop the rain from falling or not falling, the wind from blowing or even the bright sun from shining.

As we look at our flooded fields and drive over the squishy roads, we need to remember that come July and August, we may be wishing for a bit of this excess moisture. Our lush green grass that is now too wet to mow, could be very dry and brown by that time. Our furnaces will cease to run replaced by the steady hum of air conditioning.

When things look dire, as with weather, I like to find a little something positive to concentrate on. This wet weather is definitely better than a blizzard and it sure is making things green and blossoming. There have been a few drying days between each rain shower. Just enough to give us a couple hours of work outdoors.

I was very pleased last weekend to have one of these nice days fall on a Saturday. I took to washing windows and cleaning curtains and woodwork quickly so I could get outside and do some work. The warm sunshine felt so good and did wonders for my frame of mind.

Just like everyone else, I am ready for several consecutive days of dry, warm weather. I am more than ready to get into my garden and flower beds and even ready to spend an afternoon on the lawn mower.

I guess I am also at a point where I can give up some of my winter activities in order to do the outside work. My husband informed me last week that it is time to put away my jigsaw puzzles so I can get other work done.

A bit later, as I watched the rain and worked on finishing my last puzzle of the season, I thought - maybe the rain wasn't all that bad.