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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: I bet you thought we were out of letters to learn--this week we worked with the "Th" sounds! We also worked with money and time in math, that's always a little hard for us. We celebrated Riley Braegelmann's wonderful week and got to spend a morning at the UMM playing volley ball among other things.

Grade 1: This week first grade is working on measurement in inches and centimeters in math. We had a speaker from the St. Cloud Diocese talk to us about missions. She shared some very neat stuff with us from different countries. We said good-bye on Friday to our para, Jessie. We will miss her and wish her the best of luck as she finishes college to become a teacher.

Grade 2: The second graders were excited this week to begin some work with multiplication in math. They worked with the 2s through the 5s and used count-bys and arrays to solve problems. The class took their last AIMS Reading Fluency test of the school year. They are working on their spring program, with Mrs. Hodgson, which will be held on May 26.

Grade 3: In math the third graders continued their work with metric capacity, improper fractions and mixed numbers in measurement, temperature, and customary and metric units of weight. They completed their last AIMS reading test and will do one more AR Star reading evaluation before the end of the year. They are all getting much better at doing their daily class work and homework in cursive.

Grade 4: We had a visitor from the missions office talk to us about what a missionary is and that we are all called to be missionaries. In Social Studies we have been studying the early history of the western states in the United States. We read about the expedition of Lewis and Clark as they explored the west. In reading class we enjoyed reading Paul Bunyan and talking about the exaggerations found in that story.

Grade 5: The fifth graders attended Safety First Camp at the Lee Community Center in Morris this past week. Some of the many things we learned about were outdoor safety, large animal safety, water safety, and electrical safety. We would like to thank Kirsten Koch and all the presenters for a great educational day.

Grade 6: One of our goals this year is to read books from a variety of genres. Currently we are each reading a biography. On Thursday we had our final band concert of the school year. On Friday we learned about and practiced Geocaching with Kirsten Koch from the University of MN Extension Service.

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May 18 Senior Day

May 20 Marathon for Nonpublic Ed.

May 26 Spring Program 7 p.m