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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: This was Z week but we are not done learning our letter sounds. We celebrated Eli Eble's Wonderful Week and met both sets of grandparents from Louisiana. We also toured UMM where both his parents work. We painted with his dad and met students from India and China with his mom.

Grade 1: This week we learned how to be nature detectives in reading. In math we finished up our unit on 2-digit addition and are starting measurement. In social studies we learned about immigrants and all the different cultural experiences. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Thursday.

Grade 2: In math the second graders completed their work with mixed addition and story problems. They also practiced ungrouping $10 in order to buy pretend items and make change. On Thursday the class participated in the Cinco de Mayo activities at the public school.

Grade 3: In math the third graders are working with the customary and metric units of length. In science they are discussing day and night and the seasons. They continue their social studies topic of the many cultures that are gathered in America. They enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo celebration on Thursday.

Grade 4: In social studies, the fourth graders began a unit on the geography of the western states in the U.S. We also read a related factual story in reading class called "The Gold Rush." We learned many interesting facts about the California gold rush and the gold rush in the Yukon.

Grade 5: This week in reading we read an excerpt from "Wayside School is Falling Down," by Louis Sachar. We talked about story structure and plot, characters, problems, and solutions. We have also started to multiply fractions and whole numbers this week in math class.

Grade 6: On Tuesday we went to the Morris Area High School for a tour and lunch in preparation for next year. On Thursday we traveled to Bonanza State Park on Big Stone Lake for Conservation Day. In math we are learning to find the volume of prisms and cylinders and in spelling we worked on negative prefixes.

Upcoming Events

May 10--Board of Education meeting

May 11--Two-hour late start

May 20--Marathon for Nonpublic Education