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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We learned the letter Y this week and the sound it makes! We also celebrated Caden Rose's Wonderful week. We learned how to trap from his grandpa Mic, we toured the courthouse where his mom works and we toured WestMor Industries where his dad works. It was a good week.

Grade 1: This week first grade worked towards finishing up our math unit on 2-digit addition. We started talking about the very first Americans in social studies. We will be talking about people around the world. In science we learned about the water cycle. In reading we read a real story about bears. We learned a lot of interesting facts about bears.

Grade 2: We were glad to get back to school for a full five day week! In math we continued to add three digit numbers using the ungrouping method. We also did a lot of practice subtracting 3-digit numbers with zeros and subtracting money amounts. We are getting better at writing some of our lower case letters in cursive.

Grade 3: In math the third graders explored cubes, recognized that two dimensional pictures can represent three dimensional objects, and made cubes, prisms, cones, and cylinders from nets. We could make a pretty good circle using a piece of string or a paperclip. In science we discussed weather and different types of clouds.

Grade 4: In Science we are learning about the respiratory system. We are adding fractions with unlike denominators in Math class. We have learned to find a common denominator and rename the fractions so we can add them. Officer Anita gave us a presentation about severe weather this week.

Grade 5: This last week the fifth graders have been learning about an author's purpose for writing in reading class. We discussed whether certain things are written to entertain, persuade, or to give the reader information. We also finished reading the novel "Walk Two Moons."

Grade 6: On Wednesday we participated in the Jr. Envirothon at the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center near Spicer. We traveled to different learning stations and answered questions relating to aquatics/wetlands, forestry, soil, wildlife, and saltwater/freshwater estuaries.

Upcoming Events

May 10 -- Board of Education meeting

May 11 -- Two hour late start

May 20 -- Marathon for Nonpublic Education