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Bits & Pieces -- 4-28-11

I am now a great grandmother as well as a new grandmother. There is a 24 year span from our first grandson, Jon, who is now a father himself, and our last grandson, Brandon, who was born last week. Our youngest son, Duane and wife, Hazel, decided to have their family in their 30s, so therefore there is a spread of 24 years.

I spent last week taking care of Duane and Hazel's 16 month old daughter, while the baby was born. Oh my, what a difference between having babies and raising children these days.

I am wondering how ours even survived. If I had to carry around all of the things they do today, I would never go anywhere, wait a minute, I didn't go anywhere. I stayed at home. I'm not knocking working mothers, more power to them, and in today's world, it is necessary.

The kids were given so many clothes at showers and as gifts, they will never wear them more than 2 or 3 times. They could clothe all of the babies in the world.

There are monitors to watch them while they sleep, it is a very good thing. We had our eyes and ears.

Then there is the feeding and formulas. While nursing has become a norm for most when they are newly born, sooner or later they need the bottle and the choices are many. Coupons are cut and used because formula is so expensive. Gee, I wonder why? Marketing is great!

All information is learned on line now, the "baby manuals" are out. And grandmothers advice is smiled at. After all, she only raised five children to become adults, but then, I didn't want to listen to my mother-in-law either.

When my son asked for my advice, I replied that I had none. He would have to find out for himself, because each one is different.

I did enjoy myself and now I can catch up on my sleep and, since I have two weeks of excerise in, think I will skip my walks this week!

Have a good day!