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Talking it over -- Telling my story

This morning when I drove through Hancock on my way to work, I noticed the message on the sign near the firehall. It said something about creating your story. As I drove the rest of the way to work, I had to wonder what a writer would say in my life story.

If someone who knew me fairly well, was to write the story about my life, I wonder what they would say. I am sure it would include the work I have done, the children I have raised and the organizations I have been a part of. It may list my hobbies, my interests and my favorite pasttimes. However to make it more of a story, instead of a biography, the writer would have to add a bit of story telling.

This is where a life story can get interesting. Sharing the little tales about a person's life, the intricate details of a person's thoughts, goals and achievements. A life story can not be complete without the tragedies, losses and failures.

I really had to give some thought to what I would want my life story to say. I want to be remembered for the hard work I have done for years with the newspaper but more importantly for the stories and columns I have written. For recording the history of this community and telling the stories of other peoples lives.

I would also want the memories of time spent with family and friends to be part of my story. These are very essential parts of a person's life and helps define them. The people who surround you, love you and look up to you, are the ones who make you the person that you are.

My story would need to include my beliefs and other things I feel strongly about. There probably wouldn't be too much about politics or athletics because I am not into that kind of thing. However, it would definitely have a long chapter about spending time with grandchildren.

It is kind of fun to imagine what the story of your life would be about even though I don't think I would really enjoy reading mine. You would have to jazz it up quite a bit to make it interesting and come up with a better lead-in than the way my life began. However, someone with a lot of writing talent could actually make it readable and interesting.

In some ways, it may be a good thing if your life is kind of dull and uneventful. That means you have not had a lot of tragedy or hardship. It would mean that you were law-abiding, healthy, a good family person and had a generous share of friends. You are probably hard-working, caring and not overly boastful. In other words, just a plain Jane or Joe.

I guess it isn't all bad to have an ordinary life.