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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: A busy short week! We went to the UMM play and enjoyed that. We had our annual Seder Meal which was fantastic and we got to see our school "art project" that we did with Father Peter unveiled for the first time. We are excited about Easter and want to wish all of you a Blessed Easter.

Grade 1: This week we worked more with 2-digit addition. We are really doing great in math. We enjoyed the Seder Meal on Wednesday with a lot of special guests! Thanks to all who attended and helped with this day to make it so special for us! We celebrated Jack's 7th birthday on Tuesday. In Social Studies we read a folktale from Brazil that taught us the importance of not bragging. Happy Easter to everyone!

Grade 2: In math, the second graders continued to add three-digit story problems, money amounts, and solved a math puzzle by adding. We find it easier to just add now and not draw proof drawings for each problem. We enjoyed the Seder Meal on Wednesday.

Grade 3: The third graders completed their unit on fractions and division with remainders in math. The class enjoyed the UMM Children's play Sophie and the Adventures of Ice Island on Monday morning. Another great success for the UMM Division of the Humanities, Theatre Discipline! They all enjoyed the Seder Meal on Wednesday.

Grade 4: We enjoyed going to the UMM Children's Play on Monday. In math class we are learning about improper fractions and how to convert them into mixed numbers. We are continuing our study of the Southwest region of the U.S. in Social studies and we used the smartboard for a fun lesson on Pueblo people. The Seder meal on Wednesday was a great way to end our week.

Grade 5: This week the fifth graders had their hardest spelling unit. We studied the difference between singular and plural possessives. We also finished a math unit on division and graphing. We wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

Grade 6: This week we finished up a lot of things in preparation for our Easter vacation. We finished a chapter on Measurement and Geometry, our Lent Packets, and the novel Maniac Magee. On Wednesday we enjoyed the delicious Seder Meal. Have a Happy Easter!

Upcoming Events

April 25 -- School in session: Make up snowday

May 1 -- First Communion

May 11 -- Two-hour late start