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Hancock Library News

Happy Easter! Last week I talked about chicks but this week it is the egg. Nothing quite says spring like pastel-colored Easter eggs. Many of us probably have fond memories of coloring them with our families or hunting for the brightly colored eggs hidden among tall grass and trees. Dyeing hard-boiled eggs is a fun afternoon activity to do with children that doesn't involve any special ingredients - you most likely already have everything you'll need for the task. It's great fun, edible, cheap, artistic, and something I have done all my life and never gotten tired of. Eggs are one of nature's perfect shapes. They are symbols of creation, fertility and resurrection. And...they are the subject of many stories like Dr. Seuss' "Sam- I- Am" and his green eggs to Aesop's "Goose who laid the golden egg." Happy egg hunting, coloring, and reading!!

We have a couple new non-fiction books here at the library-"33 Men" is a book by Jonathan Franklin. It is a book about the Chilean mine disaster. This timely book is an uplifting story of survival, endurance, and unprecedented human conquest. It captures the remarkable story of the miners and the essence of the human spirit in order to survive their entrapment. It also is about the men and women who literally moved a mountain to set them free. I remember watching this rescue on TV and it was very compelling.

Another new non-fiction book we have is "Lighten Up" by Peter Walsh. "Lighten Up, Love What Your Have, Have What You Need, be Happier with Less", is a book written to help understand that money does not buy happiness and how to live within our means and still find happiness! If you have too much clutter, please give this book a try.

We also have three new books on compact Disc (CD) by Wanda Brunsetter for 9-12 year olds. Brunstetter has created these books for young readers dealing with a glimpse into Amish society. She has written many books about the Amish society and it's exciting to see that she now writes books for younger readers too. The main character is 10 year old Rachel Yoder.