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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We enjoyed the sunshine this week; however it had to turn cold again! This was X week and it is too hard to find words that begin with X so we found words that ended in X or had an X in them. In math we are doing subtraction--oh we are so smart. We celebrated Austin Phipp's Wonderful Week.

Grade 1: This week first grade started a new math unit. We are working with finding totals with coins and we are starting on 2-digit addition. In science we are starting to learn about weather. We started a new unit in social studies called "Meeting People."

Grade 2: The second graders are reading a fantasy story about a girl and her Abuela. The girl imagines what it would be like if they could fly and swoop like a bird above the city. In math they are adding hundreds, tens, and ones, and working on counting money. They are coming to the end of their Lenten journey and hope they have made some changes for the better!

Grade 3: In math the third graders are continuing their work with fractions and decimals. They also used models to visualize mixed numbers and improper fractions. They explored division with remainders. On Tuesday we celebrated our Lenten reconciliation with Fr. Tim and Fr. Peter.

Grade 4: We are beginning our study of the Southwest states in Social Studies. In reading class we recently read an informational story about the Saguaro cactus that grows in the southwest. It was interesting to learn that a saguaro cactus has a life span of about 200 years and that it is home to many animals in the desert. In Math class we are learning to compare fractions.

Grade 5: In reading class we have been reading a story about segregation. It has lead to many great class discussions. We have also worked on summarizing a story and our vocabulary words had homophones for us to study. In math class we continue to work on division with decimals. In English we are learning all about verbs and direct objects.

Grade 6: During math we are learning about perimeter and circumference. We constructed and measured circles and learned about pi, diameter, and radius. On Monday, Judy Johnston from the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District visited to give a presentation on forests.

Upcoming Events

April 18 -- UMM play, all students

April 20 -- Seder meal, 11 a.m.

April 21-22 -- No school