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Talking it over: Interviews

I am constantly being reminded that the world is changing. It seems that every day there is something new to learn, see or do. It shouldn't have surprised me so much to see the big changes when it comes to a job application and interview process, but I was very impressed by what I saw during the principal interviews at school last week.

Each one of the three final candidates did an awesome job in their presentations. They put together PowerPoint displays which, for those who aren't familiar with the term, is an accumulation of pages on the computer with graphics, pictures, information and any other things pertinent to a subject. These are then shown on a large screen or, in this case, the school smart board.

A touch of the screen or computer prompts the next page and thus the presenter can talk while the audience looks at the dialog or pictures on the screen. It is highly entertaining and very hard to lose focus, especially when a few unique pictures or humor is added in.

I learned so much, not only about the candidates but about the changes in this high-level interview process. You don't simply sit down and visit with the potential employers at this level of employment. You also need to prove your quality of education, understanding of technology and desire to entertain as well as educate.

Each of the candidates did a good job but I was secretly cheering for the last interview with our own hometown boy, Tim Pahl. I loved the way he noted that even though he worked and lived in another community, he stayed informed about Hancock and the school, partially through the newspaper. It was great to hear that many of our alumni still care that much about their hometown.

I think Tim will be a good fit for our school and for the community. It will be wonderful to have him and his family back 'home'. It was also wonderful to see what our graduates can accomplish with the educational base they receive in Hancock.

As Tim stated to me, Hancock has had a reputation for excellence so he will face a challenge of maintaining that excellence and passing along the same quality of education he and his fellow Hancock alumni have received. If his presentation during the interview is any indication, I feel he will be up to the challenge