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Hancock Looking Back for 4-14-11


(Taken from the Thursday, April 12, 2001 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The rains came, the snow melted, the water levels rose and people began to worry about flood waters rising. These are natural concerns after a long, tough winter and wet spring. Concerns that over the years have been multiplied by water and sometimes even sewer filling basements and destroying property. Roads were washed away in some rural areas and went over the banks on Lake Emily.

With less than a 1 percent drop in population, the city of Hancock can feel pretty good about recent Census results. Compared to many area communities Hancock's population is remaining relatively stable. The city of Hancock went down only six from the Census taken in 1990. However some area townships saw drops of as many as 19.


(Taken from the Thursday, 18, 1996 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Hancock juniors and seniors participated in a high school art exhibit at UMM. Those displaying their artwork were Judy Benson, Heather Kill, Shelly Hoffman, Nick Norbie, Alison Minke, Jason Davidson, Julie Kellenberger, Jordan Bohm and Shawn Engler.

Julie VanRuler and Jason Picht announce their engagement. An August 24 wedding date was set.

Hancock Day Care Providers were recognized during Week of the Family. they include Punk (Darlene) Bedel, Lyn Goldenstein, June Schmidgall, Deb Brown, Sonia Ascheman and Pat Peterson.


(Taken from the Thursday, April 15, 1971 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Four young people from Hancock will go to Sweden this summer where they will be guests of families of Swedish Lions for three weeks. They are Nancy Anderson, Judy Bell, Mark Leighton and Jerry Eide.

The Hancock State Bank bowling team was the League Champions in the Lucky Strike League. The team inlded Gladys Flannigan, Shirley Wirtjes, Cindi Swenson, Marilyn Schaefer and Carol Boon.

Fire of an undetermined origin, caused thousands of dollars damage to the Four Seasons Club on Highway 9 north of Hancock. The origin of the blaze is believed to be in the center of the structure. The fooomer Pomme de Terre club had undergone extensive remodeling in recent months.


(Taken from the Friday, April 10, 1936 issue of the Hancock Record.)

John Carlson, a bachelor, who lived with his brother, Ed Carlson, also a bachelor, on their farm in the southwest corner of the county, committed suicide, according to an inquest held at the farm late last week. Martin Dahl, a neighbor, was spending the evening with the two brothers and he and Ed Carlson were apparently asleep when they heard two shots and on investigation found John Carlson dead just a short distance from the house. There were two wounds in his head and it seems as if one shot was fired in the kitchen of the house, as blood was found on the floor, and this not proving fatal, the man went outside and fired another shot from a shotgun into his head.

An attempt was made last week to rob the bank at Alberta. A gang broke through the outer and inner walls of the strong room, after gaining entrance to the bank through a basement window. They were unable to open the safe and got nothing for their work. It is thought to be the same gang that rifled offices at Olivia and Willmar.

Miss Cleone Rau submitted the winning name in the Name the Beauty Shop Contest. The shop will be called "Milady's Beauty Shop." Miss Rau will get a free permanent wave worth $5 for her efforts.


(Taken from the Friday, April 14, 1911 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Last week Eli Brown had some cards printed in connection with the horse thief case and sent them out. Friday he received notice from a farmer living ten miles south of Kerkhoven and in company with Jas. McGowan left that night for the mans place. On arrival they found that the horse thief had stopped the day the team was stolen at the man's neighbor. The next morning he traded wagons with the neighbor saying the wide tires pulled to heavy in the mud. He left 4early in the morning, giving the children a ride as far as the school house and kept straight south, and no further information could be had of him.

A bright baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. adolph Theilke last Friday morning and "papa" can hardly find time to come down town to attend to business since as he wants to get acquainted with the new baby.