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Spring signs are around us everywhere. As Leah and I have resumed our 6 a.m. walks, the sounds of the birds increasing everyday is amazing. Also, the light comes so much earlier day by day. But one of my favorite signs of spring occured the other night when my husband and I were in Runnings in Benson. They had the little cages with baby chicks and ducks in them. I remember what a big day that was when I was growing up,-the day the baby chicks came. I would sit with them hours under the heat lamp. Once they got feathers they weren't fun anymore. I have pulled out some baby chick books here at the library .

It's National Poetry month. Here's a favorite of mine from Tom Hennen, former Morris resident

"When water starts to run, winds come to the sky

carrying parts of Canada, and the house is filled

with the scent of dead grass thawing.

When spring comes on the continental divide,

the snowbanks are broken in two and half

fall south and half fall north.

It's the Gulf of Mexico or Hudson Bay, one

or the other for the snow, the dirt, the grass, the

animals and me. The Minnesota Prairie has never

heard of free will. It asks you, quietly at first, to

accept and even love your fate. You find out that

if you fall south, life will be easy, like warm rain.

You wake up with an outgoing personality and a

knack for business. The river carries you. You float

easily and are a good swimmer. But if you fall north

while daydreaming, you never quite get your foot-

ing back again. You will spend most of your time

looking toward yourself and see nothing but holes.

There will be gaps in your memory and you won't

be able to earn a living. You always point north

like a compass. You always have to travel on foot

against the wind. You always think things might

get better. You watch the geese and are sure you

can fly."

Athena Kildegaard, poet and University of Minnesota, Morris lecturer, will celebrate the release of her new book, "Bodies of Light," at a reading in Morris on Thursday, April 14. This event is free and open to the public at the Common Cup Coffee House. Kildegaard will be joined by musician William Pelowski. Athena is a friend and gave a Haiku presentation for children at the library a few years back. She would love to come to our library again and read if there is interest.

I love poetry and invite children and adults so come in and take advantage of the books we have at the library.

See ya at the Library!