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Quidditch anyone?

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Anyone familiar with the "Harry Potter" books or movies knows about the fictional and supernatural game Quidditch, with characters flying around on brooms and the magical winged orb called a "Snitch."

But college students around the world have brought the game down to the ground and are having a blast with the new sport.

The University of Minnesota, Morris's Quidditch teams will host the Prairie Cup on Saturday, April 16, beginning at 10 a.m. on "The Lake" between the Indy and Gay residents halls.

UMM will play the University of Minnesota in the first inter-school Quidditch tournament in the state, said club member Sam Bruno.

"Quidditch is really new in Minnesota," Bruno said. "It started on the East Coast and its trickling this way."

The game's rules are essentially the same as outlined in the books but, of course, it's played on solid ground.

It's also attracting a following among students, athletic or not.

UMM has a full team of 20 players and another 15 who organize, announce the games, referee and keep score. Another 40 or so show up to watch, Bruno said.

"It's definitely a place where people can come, hang out and do 'Harry Potter'-themed things," she said.

The International Quidditch Association has an extensive rulebook and the sport has an official World Cup tournament in New York.

The winner of the Prairie Cup will receive a trophy and plaque at closing ceremonies. And it's hoped the popularity will grow from there, Bruno said.

"We really tried to keep it nice and cool," she said. "It's a nice way to make friends."