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Talking it over: spring will come

Spring is usually my favorite time of year. I love watching the trees and grass green up, lakes open up, birds return and sprouts of future flowers break through the once cold and frozen soil. Even though our spring thus far has been quite cold and snowy, we know that the warm weather will soon be here.

It is sometimes hard to be optimistic about new life when winter seems to drag along. However, I have noticed that the daily highs are slowly inching upward and, slow but sure, the snow is disappearing. The ice is still on the lake but in some ways that is helpful when it comes to spring flooding. The slower it goes the better the chance for remaining within the lake and river banks.

The snow has disappeared from directly around my house and, as the flower beds become visible, I see new growth from the tulips, crocuses and pansies planted there. Even though it is still quite cold at night, these determined plants are ready to break free with the promise of blooms in a few weeks.

I love to see this promise of spring. I still have not noticed any new buds on the trees but they will be starting soon. Before we know it, the grass will be green and growing, and the hum of lawn mowers will fill the air.

As the new life appears, we should also be organizing our personal lives. Spring is a busy time, so in order to prepare, it is important to get all the indoor chores finished up. Then we don't have as many things holding us inside when the weather is nice outside.

I have felt a little sluggish this winter about doing those inside chores. I did get about half of my cupboards cleaned and a few closets but really need to work on the other areas of the house. I am anxious to get the windows washed but realize that there are more important areas to concentrate on first. I can't wait to open up the doors and windows and air everything out.

Spring is officially here, according to the calendar, despite what we feel outside. It is time to ready our schedules for the busy days ahead and include some time to simply enjoy the warmth, beauty and promise of new life in spring.