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Hancock News for 4-7-11

Friday Vida Huntley rode with Gloria Zeltwanger down to Spring Park to pick up Geneva Webster to bring her to visit her sister, Verree Fox in Morris. When they got back to Morris they visited Jenny and Eric Zeltwanger at the Morris Hospital to meet William Calvin Zeltwanger who was born March 31. William weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces and was 22 inches long.

Sunday dinner guests at Verree Fox's were: Noami Miller, Geneva Webster, Vida Huntley, Dorothy, Kevin, Gloria, Scot, Sarah and Lily Zeltwanger. Then added coffee guests to help Verree celebrate her 92nd birthday were: Eric, Jenny and Will Zeltwanger from Morris, Larry, Jan and James Nelson from Fargo, ND, Michelle Dusemann from Denton, Texas, Bonnie Martens from Middleburg, FLa, Jason, Katherine and Aden Mercil from Champlin, Bill, Austin and Emma Fox, Faye Lee, Wally and Sherry Schmitz from Alexandria, Phil and Bonnie Bailey from Paynesville, Donnabella Taylor from St. Cloud, Short and Dorothy Nissen from Benson along with other residents of the Plaza. Monday, Verree Fox, Michelle Dusemann and Gloria Zeltwanger took Geneva Webster back to her home to Spring Park.

Visitors at Tom and Margaret Cunningham's on Saturday were Jamie Servantz and Neal and Jewel Cunningham. Thursday afternoon, Margaret was among the guests at Helen Haugen's to visit with Pat Halliday who was visiting there from South Dakota.

Tristyn Erdman spent from Wednesday night through Saturday morning at the home of his grandparents, Stan and Katie Erdman. They were Thursday supper guests at the Cory and Tammy Marquart home. Jaedyn Marquart was a Friday overnight guest.

Virginia Peterson was among the guests at Rod and Carolyn Peterson to help Jeffrey and Jordon celebrate their birthdays.

Barb and Mark Gausman, Stephan and Adie from Edgerton, Wisconsin spent the week-end at the Bruce and Jan Malo home. On Saturday night they met Tony and Conna Gausman from Morris at the Pizza Hut in Morris for supper.

Robert and Barb Valnes were Sunday evening guests of Rob and Marilyn Nohl.

Ken Evink is hospitalized at Morris after having emergency surgery on Sunday. Cards and well wishes would be appreciated.

Loraye and James Backer along with daughter Bridget Mills and grandson Tucker Mills of Montevideo, went to the Alexandria Hospital to have Tucker's leg looked at. He broke it racing out in Colorado on his dirt bike. Things turned out fine for Tucker, but his racing is done for 2011.