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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: The kinder kids had a good week. We worked with the letter Vv and read our "little books" The Very Big Van. We are becoming such good readers; you should listen to us read.  We liked April Fool's Day of course; it is always fun to play jokes.

Grade 1: This week first grade learned more about fractions in math. We learned how to figure out 1/4 of certain numbers by using what we already know about half. In social studies we learned about how transportation has changed over time. We used what we learned in science and created recycled notebooks for an art project.

Grade 2: The second graders continued their work with subtracting and began identifying congruent and similar figures. They are learning more of their lower case letters in cursive but continue to do their daily work in manuscript. Congratulations to Kennedy Hill and Katlyn Suess for being winners in the VFW coloring contest.

Grade 3: The third graders continued their work with fractions. Their Scholastic News talked about children in Afghanistan. Congratulations to Kylie Swanson for winning first place and to Peyton Riley for winning second place in the local VFW Statue of Liberty drawing contest. They both also placed in district.

Grade 4: Kurtis Kill and Liz Dietz took first and second place on their posters of the Statue of Liberty for the VFW poster contest. We watched the UMM students present poems to us, and then we were given a chance to be actively involved with the UMM students in presenting poems for the rest of the groups. In math class we worked with patterns in numbers.  We learned to look for repeating and growing patterns.

Grade 5: The fifth grade students had a great time visiting the UMM campus and participating in a poetry assembly with some UMM students. They performed different movements and skits to various poems. We also participated in St. Mary's annual speech contest.

Grade 6: We had the classroom and school speech contest this week. Congratulations to Kate Folkman, Nicole Solvie, Katie Ohren, Paul Hockert, Brenden Goulet, Abby Riley, Toby Sayles and Ashley Solvie for advancing to the school competition on Friday.

Upcoming Events

April 4 -- Science Fair, 6th grade, 10:30 a.m.

April 10 -- Pancake breakfast, grades K-5

April 12 -- Board of Education meeting, 6:30 p.m.