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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Brrr! We are back to winter even though we had the first day of spring this week. We learned the letter U this week and talked a lot about underwear----we thought that was funny. We celebrated Ava Boyle's Wonderful Week and got to tour Riverview Dairy where her dad works.

Grade 1: In math we took our Unit 6 test. We learned about measurement and geometry in Unit 6. In science we learned about Earth's resources and how to conserve them. In reading we read a true story about a vet and what they do each day. We participated in Stations of the Cross on Friday.

Grade 2: In math, the second graders are practicing their addition and subtraction with money and unknown partners. In Science we are discussing the importance of water for everything on the Earth. We decided that we would like the frozen and white fluffy moisture that we keep getting to stop for now. We are all hoping for full school days and we are ready for spring!

Grade 3: The third graders are having fun working with fractions. They are using fractions to represent parts of sets, are writing three equations to represent dividing a set into equal parts, and are making fractional comparisons. They decided fractions are easier than they thought they would be! They continue to do as much of their work as they can in cursive but think it takes them longer to do it! In social studies they are talking about early America.

Grade 4: We have enjoyed reading about the lives of the pioneers in the Great Plains in Social Studies. It was interesting to learn more about sod houses and that they made their own soap and candles. In math class we learned about line symmetry and rotational symmetry. We have also enjoyed listening to Mrs. Riedner read A Llama in the Family to the class.

Grade 5: We have been learning how to multiply numbers with decimals and have learned about shift patterns in multiplication. We also worked on the difference between fact and opinion in reading. We finished reading the book Shiloh Season and some of the students cannot wait to start Saving Shiloh!

Grade 6: During math we made creations that tessellate. A tessellation is an arrangement of shapes that completely cover a plane with no gaps or overlaps. In social studies we are learning about the history and leadership in Rome. For Spanish we practiced using medical terms correctly. We played a game to review these terms.

Upcoming Events

March 28 -- Kindergarten Round Up

March 30 -- Early dismissal

April 1 -- Speech contest, grades 5 and 6