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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Well another year gone without one piece of "real" gold. We did not catch the Leprechaun. Our books that we published are in and we are sure they are on the Best Seller List. We learned the letter T this week and we celebrated Patrick Fiest's wonderful week. We toured Big Stone Therapys where both his parents are employed.

Grade 1: This week first grade learned about measurement with inches and about turning shapes in math. We started talking about taking care of Earth in science. We realized how many of Earth's natural resources we use every day. We started a recycled notebook art project with our tutor, Dan, from UMM. We attended Stations of the Cross on Friday.

Grade 2: In math we have been working very hard on subtracting 2-digit numbers from numbers with a zero in the tens or ones place. We also used our ungrouping skills for subtracting with money. On Monday we were honored to have Zach Braegelmann from the Minot Air Force Base join us for lunch and visit our classroom. He returned from Iraq in January and shared some of his experiences with us. He is Tyler (2nd Grade) and Riley's (Kindergarten) uncle.

Grade 3: The third graders worked with time and related the number of degrees in a quarter, half, and full rotation of the minute hand on an analog clock to the number of minutes elapsed. They discovered you can find the number of degrees the minute hand rotates in one minute and multiply and divide by 6 to solve problems.

Grade 4: In Math class the fourth graders are working with elapsed time and multiples of 10, 100, and 1000. We began a unit on the Midwest in Social Studies. Father Peter gave a slide show presentation to fourth, fifth and sixth grade on Rome Italy based on a trip he had made to Italy.

Grade 5: We are starting to learn different ways to multiply larger numbers. It is hard to think in a new way at first, but after we got the hang of it we decided it might even be easier! We are focusing on how to write complete sentences, and to help us we use part of the question in our answer. We hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Grade 6: During math we are learning the definitions and characteristics of all different kinds of polygons. We observed polygon patterns, congruency, symmetry, and tessellations. Many of our mushers have finished the Iditarod. John Baker was 2011 winner. Nobody in our class choose him to follow. In honor of St. Patrick's day we played a game with Irish trivia.

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March 24-Picture Day

March 25-Fish Fry

March 25-End of Quarter 3