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Based on our Core Values, this competition was open to all 7-12th grade students. Students were to choose two of the eight Core Values and write about them or create a piece of artwork that demonstrates what they mean to the student. All written essays must be no less than 200, and no more than 250 words in length. The essays and artwork must address why the core values are important to you, why they are important for our school, and provide one or two examples of how each is demonstrated in our school.

First Place - Martha Koehl

Essay: Attitudes and Beliefs Thought To Uniquely Pattern a Culture

Out of the eight values listed, it is no question which are the most important; integrity/honesty and respect for all. When asked why, the reason is quite simple. Consistently doing the right thing while respecting all people you come in contact with guarantees success in all aspects of your life. I find these two attributes to be crucial if the individual aspires to lead a life that can be looked back upon with a smile. Honesty and respect build a reputation that will not soon be forgotten by those affected by it, and isn't that what we want? Most would want to be remembered for all the good that they did.

Respect and honesty are values that once acquired would in turn lead to a stronger relationship between students and faculty. The most common problem that I am aware of is the lack of these characteristics in the hearts and minds of my fellow classmates. Granted, most understand that they should do the right things even when nobody is looking. Our challenge is to create a unique school culture where respect and honesty are found in most everything we do. Having these attitudes shows the surrounding community that the students in this school are good individuals. One would realize this if they witnessed the respectful manner in which most classes are conducted and the quality relationships between students and teachers that stem from respect.

In a recent conversation with Marti she said, "I like writing essays so why not do it for the school." She went on to say, "I want people to realize that there are good kids that go to school here and they practice these Core Values on a daily basis. Often times, this goes unnoticed."

Second Place - Tony Pelowski and Zach Mithune: Core Value Artwork

Tony and Zach told me that one of the main reasons they created the artwork was that this is what they like to see in our school. "The respect that the students have for each other is very evident. All of these contribute to a great place to learn and socialize. It is a good way to make the students aware of the Core Values and everyone can see these reminders every day when they eat lunch."

A Glance ahead

March 17 - Powder Tuff Volleyball in MAES gym @ 7 p.m.

March 21 - Winter Awards Night

School Board Meeting

March 22 - 7-8th grade Band Concert

March 24 - FLEX Day

March 25 - End of Quarter 3

March 28 - Make - up day (School will be in session)

March 29 - 9-12th grade Choir and Band Concert

March 30 - Early Dismissal