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Hancock Looking Back - 3-3-11


(Taken from the Thursday, Mar. 1, 2001 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A major winter storm paralyzed the area over the weekend dumping over ten inches of snow in two days. Topping off the heavy snow were winds of 15 to 30 mph with gusts as high as 48 mph.

Hodges 4-H Club members enjoyed a fun day of tobaggoning at Runestone Park near Kensington. A total of 39 members, guests and parents enjoyed sledding on the hills at the park.


(Taken from the Thursday, Mar. 7, 1996 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Hancock Owls girls basketball team received the Sub-section 1 Championship trophy following the defeat of Morris Area in tournaments. The girls will now face Staples in the Section 6A tournament.

Jason Davidson attended the National Youth Leadership Forum in Washington D.C. during the month of February. Jason visited with Senator Rod Grams at the airport prior to his flight to Washington D.C.


(Taken from the Thursday, Mar. 1, 1971 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Abner Jacobson and Jerry Peterson, John Deere Implement dealers in benson, will open a store in the Stettner building in hancock. They have rented the entire building with the exception of the upstairs apartment. The firm expects to have the interior of the structure redecorated, revamped and ready for business about May 1.

A work bee to remove the dead trees from the Page Lake swimming beach has been scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Lion's president John Swank said chain saws and plenty of help are needed. Free hot dogs and hot chocolate will be served.


(Taken from the Friday, Mar. 6, 1936 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Miss Leona Belswanger and Robert Keller, two popular young folks of Moore township were married at the parsonage in Morris by Rev. Richardson. They will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Huntley, by whom they will be employed during the coming year. The bride was attended by her cousin, Miss Beulah Bier and the groom by his cousin, Roland Durkee.

Defeating Benson in a fast game by a score of 21 to 13, the Morris high school lads took the sub-district championship honors at the Morris armory. Hancock lost out in the first game of the tournament, to Starbuck by the close score of 28 to 31.


(Taken from the Friday, Mar. 1, 1911 issue of the Hancock Record.)

By a deal completed the first of the week, George McDowell, who has been working this winter for Chas. Marsh in the livery barn, becomes the proprietor of the Hancock Dray Line, having purchased the same from W. J. Warburton. Included in the deal is the ice house and the ice and the big barn in the rear of the Hancock National Bank, the two dray teams and the two drays.

J. C. Stensby in some way mixed up with the belt of the small gasoline engine he used for pumping water on the farm with the result of the left leg broken just below the knee.