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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We worked with the letter Qq this week and learned Qq likes to have Uu with it almost always. We finished making our book that we are going to have published! We are sure it will be a best seller! Or at least in our classroom! Thanks to all that attended the Dinner Auction--Eli Eble was the getter of our quilt!

Grade 1: We finished up Unit 5 in math and took our test. We learned about the different types of water and landforms on the Earth in science. We also learned about different types of rocks. We had a dental health presentation by Karen Folkman, the school nurse and we learned about the importance of taking good care of our teeth. We read the story "Me on the Map" in reading and talked about different places on a map and around the world.

Grade 2: In Math the second graders completed their work with graphs and tables and then did some work with quadrilaterals, diagonals, and midpoints. Derek Giese's family were the winners of our class's project at the auction dinner on Saturday night. We thank them for their support! We are looking forward to March and hopefully the end of late starts and winter.

Grade 3: The third graders are working with multiplication and division to solve comparison word problems. They are reading the story "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears" and think that even though they can be annoying it might be nice to see a mosquito after the winter we have been having! After thinking about the clues and searching by the whole class, Kylie Swanson found the medallion that was hidden during Catholic Schools Week. She gets to select a book from our next book order as her prize.

Grade 4: In Math, the fourth graders are using metric units to measure length, volume and mass. They have been solving measurement problems that involve converting centimeters to meters, liters to kiloliters and grams to kilograms. We are finishing our Social unit on the geography of the Southeast and will soon begin studying the states and capitals of that region.

Grade 5: In math class we have been learning how to order fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers. We have been listening to C.S. Lewis' classic The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in reading class. In reading we have also been learning about a narrator's point of view.

Grade 6: We learned how to use percents to find discounts and interest. In English we created an explanatory writing essay and did a demonstration to the class on how to do something. We learned how to make pheasant, hamburgers, Stromboli, sugar balls as well as how to tap dance, pitch a baseball and softball, and even how to give a massage.

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March 4 -- Family Fun Night

March 5 -- French toast and egg breakfast