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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Wow a full week of school, it's been a while! We celebrated Valentine's on Monday and on Wednesday we celebrated being 100 days smarter! We did art with Father Peter. We made a class monkey and it turned out great! This was Tabitha Vanhorn's Wonderful Week. We toured Morris Millwork where her mom works! See you at the Dinner Auction!

Grade 1: This week first grade had their 100th day of school! We got to do an art project with clay with our tutor, Dan, from UMM. We had a classroom visit from Father Tim. In math we continued working with 10-partners that make up 100 and we worked with addition with teen totals. We are working very hard writing and illustrating our class book.

Grade 2: The second graders enjoyed their Valentine's Day party on Monday. In Math they continued to work with graphs and tables and used data to make predictions. They did the written pages for their class Treasure Book and worked on their drawings for those pages. They are excited to see who gets their classroom project at the St. Mary's School Dinner and Auction on Saturday night!

Grade 3: The third graders are continuing their work in multiplication and division by reviewing the facts they know and adding the 6's and 8's. They are working on their individual Treasure Books about themselves. They discovered that it is hard to write all the pages of a book and do the illustrations as well! We thank Kylie's Grandma Sheila Swanson for coming in and helping us tie the fleece blanket for our classroom project for the School Dinner and Auction. She also put together the two huge floor TV pillows that go with it! We all think they will be cozy items to cuddle up with!

Grade 4: We are busily working to complete our writing and illustrations of our Student Treasure books this week. We also personalized placemats to match our ceramic plates and goblets for St. Mary's dinner/auction. In Math class we finished our unit on multiplication and began a unit on measurement.

Grade 5: We have been working in English class on singular and plural possessives. It can get tricky to know where to put the apostrophes, but we are getting it! We also talked about narrator point of view in reading class. We are also close to finishing our Student Treasure Books.

Grade 6: It was nice to actually have a full week of school this week! We read the story, Summer of the Swans and during math we are working on using scale drawings to determine actual sizes of things. We finished our auction project; a personalized end table made by Tom Thooft. Come to the Dinner/Auction tonight and see it!

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Mar. 4--Family Fun Night