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Hancock Local News

June Pearson joined Marcell Hanson last Thursday for dinner in Morris.

On Sunday, June Pearson visited with Genevieve Dosdall, who is still recuperating at home.

Betty, Todd and Landon Staton from Glenwood were Sunday dinner guests at Vera Beyers. In the afternoon, Mr. & Mrs. William Keller visited.

Gary and Sylvia Eckel called on Marvin and Marilyn Grammentz last Thursday.

Scott, Sarah, Lily and Gloria Zeltwanger drove to Ringstad, Iowa last week-end to help Alizabeth and Jeff Henriksen move.

Stan and Katie Erdman were Thursday overnight guests at the Jamie and Korrin Erdman home in Zimmerman. They also spent Friday and Saturday at the home of Dale and Carol Erdman in Excelsior.

Bruce and Jan Malo drove to Squeaky's in Hutchingson on Saturday to meet up with Bruce's sisters, Nina and Buster West from Cleveland, Minn. and Nita and Jim Korolewski from Fairmont, Minn.. for noon lunch.

Chuck amd Sherry Meixel were Sunday evening dinner guests at the Rob and Marilyn home

Marilyn Nohl visited Fran VanZomeran Monday evening at her home in Morris

Corbin, Jayde and Easton were Tuesday evening dinner guests at the Rob Nohl home.

Loraye Backer along with her sisters Cynthia Kleven and Debra Lauritsen, on Saturday, went to Willmar shopping and took in a 3D movie, which was like being in it. Later they had dinner at the Water's Edge in Starbuck.