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Looking Back

10 Years Ago Items from the Tribune, February 1, 2001

University of Minnesota, Morris Chancellor Sam Schuman foresees an "intense conversation" over the next few months about the University of Minnesota's funding. It's a conversation Schuman hopes UMM supporters will become involved in immediately.

The Morris Area High School one-act, Spirit of Hispania, took second place at the subsection competition last Saturday in Barrett. The one-act now advances to the section competition this weekend. Performers include Jim E. Morrison, Tim Dudding, Greer Webster, Tressa Flicker, Chelsey Rambow, Martha Crouse, Carl Van Overbeke, Molly Nelson, Trevor Gillis, Amy Gartland, Julie Tickle, Michael Strand, Matt Kill, Amy Muscielewitcz, and Seyward Mattson. Director is David Johnson, and stage manager is Mike Grittner with crew Gunnar Mattson, David Hamrum, Kim Pagel, and Erin Cuomo.

June Rose, president and Helen Kill, treasurer, of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5039 present a check for $100 to Vickie Maanum, hospice coordinator, for the Stevens Community Hospice Courage Cottage.

25 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of January 30, 1986

Thorwald Hansen of Elbow Lake, Orville Gunderson of Morris, and Les Lindor of Morris were re-elected to the board of directors of the Barnes-Aastad Soil and Water Conservation Research Association at the group's annual meeting on Friday, Jan. 24, at the Sunwood. The Barnes-Aastad Association was formed to aid in the establishment of the North Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory in Morris. The Association continues to support soil conservation research - at the lab in Morris and nationwide.

Seven longtime Morris-Donnelly faculty members, with a total tenure of 186 years, will be retiring at the end of this school year. The School Board Monday night accepted the resignations of Duane Kindschi, Truman Carlson, John Woell, Russ Wolff, Dorothy Jacobson, Stan Kent, and Jean Peterson. Superintendent Fred Switzer said of the seven that they "are extraordinary people who have devoted a great portion of their lives to the education of young people in our Community."

50 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of February 10, 1961

The First Baptist Church of Morris will dedicate its new basement building on Sunday, Feb. 12. Until recently the church met in a house which it purchased in 1955. Excavation for the new building was begun on Sept. 19, 1960. Construction is now completed. Paul Kopitzke is the contractor.

Earl Eames is retiring again - and this time he says it's official and permanent. When Mr. Eames disposed of the Eames Distributing Company to Carl Hogander and Cy Swanson seven years ago, he continued to assist in the offices of the company for several years thereafter. After eventually leaving the Eames Company, he became associated with R. B. O'Neill in real estate and has engaged in that business the past year and a half. Now he says he is going to take the extended vacation he thought he was going to take seven years ago.

Members of the Zion Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) will hold their first worship services on Sunday in their new church building in the Elles University Addition on the southeast edge of the city. The new church is not yet entirely completed but the congregation's regular services will be held henceforth in the building, reports the Rev. Carl Wirth, pastor. The congregation has been holding services in Person's Chapel while the new church has been under construction.

90 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of February 11, 1921

The North Star Farm Club, which in the past has been a most active and helpful organization among the farmers and their families in northern Morris and southern Rendsville Townships held their final meeting at the A. C. Welfare farm on Tuesday, and voted to disband on account of so many of the members having sold their farms and moved to town. There were 32 adults present besides the children. The balance of the funds in the treasury was voted to the cause of European Relief.

The Duluth Creamery and Produce Company have opened a station in Morris in the Zahl building on East Sixth Street. The station is in charge of William Noonan, who comes here from DeGraff. Mr. Noonan is a brother of Mrs. Max McGraw, of this city.

Feb. 7 marked the close of the first year's work of a county health nurse in Stevens County. Miss Irene Labrie began work among the pupils in the schools in the county. During the year, she has labored faithfully to improve health conditions among the children. An appallingly large number of physical defects have been detected and many corrected. The defect most commonly observed in schoolchildren is poor teeth.