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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Another mixed up week with all the late starts---we are not sure of the norm any more. We worked with the letter O this week and we celebrated Matthew Giese's Wonderful Week. We met his family, and we toured his dad's work at the county building! We are looking forward to seeing who gets our class project at the Celebration of Education!

Grade 1: First graders are ready for some nice weather so we can get a full regular week of school in! This week we worked with money in math and learned that the dollar is worth 100 cents or 10 dimes. We worked on the number partners that make one hundred. We also worked on our class project for the St. Mary's Dinner Auction. Our class has two really neat quilts that they will auction off! We celebrated Sydney's 7th birthday!

Grade 2: With three late starts this week we really had to get to work once we got to school! In math we continued our work with collecting data and converting that data to tables, picture graphs, and bar graphs. We then used these graphs to answer comparison questions. Our Scholastic News discussed bullying and we talked about what we can do to stop it. We are working on our class Treasure Book. Gage Tomoson won the Scrabble Flash challenge.

Grade 3: The third graders completed their first math unit on multiplication and division and will do some work with perimeter and area as they continue to practice their skills so they really know their facts. They started the next level in reading and completed their Scrabble Flash challenge. Kylie Swanson was the winner. They are working on their Treasure Books. No one has found the Catholic Schools Week medallion that is hidden somewhere in the classroom as of yet.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been studying the Southeastern part of the United States in Social Studies. We have learned that their geography is made up of coastal plains and the Appalachian Mountains. We also learned that early settlers discovered the Cumberland Gap and were able to cross through the mountains. In math we are finishing our unit on multiplying two and three digit numbers.

Grade 5: The fifth graders have been continuing to work on figurative language this week. This last week's focus was on idioms. We had a lot of fun drawing pictures of what the idioms meant literally and then telling what it meant figuratively. We have also been hard at work on our books that we will have published through Student Treasures.

Grade 6: Congratulations to our 2011 Catholic Schools Week Cribbage champion Toby Sayles! The runner up was Paul Hockert and third place went to Katie Cannon. During math we are learning how to write ratios and find equivalent ratios. Each sixth grader also became a published author as they wrote and illustrated a book about their experiences at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Center.

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Feb. 19--St. Mary's Dinner and Auction

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