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Sun of February 6, 1996

The Morris Kiwanis have taken the next step in proceeding with their proposal to build a new outdoor stage in East Side Park. Members of the organization presented plans and architect's drawings to the Morris Park Board at a special meeting of the board held last Wednesday. No decision was made at the meeting, but if the Park Board eventually approves the project, it will make a recommendation to the City Council, who will have the final say in the matter.

Probably to no one's surprise, Thursday night's and Friday morning's low temperature of -34 degrees F set a record. The previous low temperature for the 24 hour period, Feb. 2, was -33 degrees F, recorded in 1917. The record-setting cold also caused another record to be broken.

The Morris Transit system carried 441 passengers on Thursday, the most ever in one day.

40 Years Ago

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Sun of February 9, 1971

Dean Paulson, Morris Jaycees president, received the first Centennial stock certificate presented to a community organization. John Lannon, co-chairman of Centennial Operating Capital section, presents certificate representing 200 shares in the Morris Area Centennial Corporation. House-to-house drive for individual support of Centennial activities will be held on Thursday evening, Feb. 11. Every contributor will be listed in the official program as a sponsor of the Centennial celebration.

Mrs. Walt Sarlette has been named chairman of the Scenario and Title Committee for the Morris Area Centennial Spectacle. The committee has special responsibility to prepare historical information which will be organized into a scenario to be used for the historical pageant, or spectacle, to be presented during Centennial Week. Other members of the Scenario and Title Committee are Mrs. Eugene Day, Mrs. Richard Eul, Mrs. Lawrence Schaub, Mrs. John Scharf, Mrs. Joe Killoran, Ray Swenson, and Del Sarlette.

Two veterans' women's auxiliaries are pooling their resources on behalf of a special program connected with the Morris Area Centennial. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary and the American Legion Auxiliary will work together to provide a Hospitality Center during this year's centennial observances. Mrs. Henry Lembcke, representing the VFW Auxiliary, and Mrs. Karl Voelz, representing the Legion Auxiliary, are serving as co-chairman of the Centennial's Hospitality Center Committee. The committee is a part of the Special Events Division of the Centennial organization. Special Events Division chairman is Dr. John W. Watzke.

75 Years Ago

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Sun of February 7, 1936

The diner car on Atlantic Avenue, across the street from the Community Oil Company, was moved to the Seven Gables Service Station this week. William Glieden of Brooten will open the diner next week.

A representative of the Internal Revenue office will be in Morris on Feb. 26 and 27 to assist people in the preparation of the federal income tax returns. He will have his headquarters at the Post Office.

The Morris firemen were called to the Seven Gables Service Station on Monday morning to extinguish a fire that had started in the larger cabin which is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. William Keilen. Only the walls of the cabin were damaged.

Six directors were elected when the stockholders of the Stevens County Hospital met on Thursday evening of last week after a banquet at the Quality Grill. The directors, F. A. Hancock, J. J. Micklish, C. I. Dolva, D. A. Reiber, F. D. Manney, Mrs. L. G. Morley, and Eugene Fitzgerald will meet soon to elect officers. Reports given at the meeting reviewed an excellent year for the hospital, officers said. Several of the doctors on the hospital staff gave speeches.

100 Years Ago

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Sun of February 23, 1911

The board of county commissioners met in special session for considering bids for the purchase of the county poor farm on Feb. 15, 1911. All members were present. Mike Satzer was the only bidder.

The E. J. Jones Lumber Co., have sold their hardware store in this city to J. H. Walz, another of our hardware dealers. The Jones hardware store is one of the oldest retail stores in the city, and it has always been one of the successful business institutions of the town. Its sale in a sense denotes a coming of a new order of things, for its sale was undertaken partly at least because the building was wanted as a garage and salesroom for the Jones-Quigley Auto. Co., which has within the past year grown to be one of the important business institutions of our town.

The basket social and dance in School District 5 on Friday night was a great success both socially and financially, netting $58.85. Much credit is due Miss Nora Mangan for the artistic way her schoolroom was decorated for the occasion.