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Talking it over -- 2-10-11

It has been a busy week for two sets of grandparents, my husband and I included. Our daughter and son-in-law took a well-deserved vacation last week, flying off to Mexico and a much, much warmer climate. This left the responsibility of their two young daughters in the care of their grandparents, daycare and a generous great-aunt.

My husband and I started off the week, staying at our daughter's house Sunday night so we would be there in the morning. Even though their flight didn't leave until 10 a.m. the heavy snow prompted them to take off early in case of problems. As they prepared to leave at 3 a.m., our three-year-old granddaughter decided it was time to get up for the day. It took awhile to convince her that just because mommy and daddy were leaving early to get on the airplane, it was technically still nighttime.

The next few days we rested up from our sleepless night while the other set of grandparents took over. The girls were very good for them and good for us again when we had them for a few more days. We could tell that they missed mom and dad but were also having fun with grandpas and grandmas.

On my way to taking them to daycare one of the mornings, we watched as a rather short train traveled along side the highway. My granddaughter was very disappointed when it was gone and asked why it was so short. She told me she wished all the trains were long. I had to stop myself from commenting that when you are sitting at a crossing, waiting for a train, the end never seems to come. I will have to remember Jaedyn's love of trains next time I am waiting at a crossing.

Another night when the girls were with us, we received an email from their parents. In it my daughter told us about music on the beach and how they had danced in the sand. Jaedyn was especially fascinated by this because we had just attended a wedding dance and she was all caught up in dancing, especially in "princess dresses" as she called the bridal attire. She just couldn't understand where and how the "sand" got into the dancing area.

It has been a tiring week and will be nice when the family is reunited. However, it has also been fun and educational as we see many of the little things in life through the eyes of children. They truly have a unique perspective on many of the simple things we take for granted.