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Hancock Looking Back -- 2-10-11


(Taken from the Thurs., Feb 8, 2001 issue of the Hancock Record.)

It came as a total surprise to Paul and Renae Moser that their first-born child would also be Hancock's 2001 New Year's Baby. Lindsey Nicole Moser was born on Jan. 26 to claim the honor and prizes.

The Hancock Public School announced it's new web site. The address is mail.Hancock.k12.MN.US. The information on the web site will be updated regularly. The web page was designed by HHS seniors Savannah Gramm and Matt Zeltwanger.


(Taken from the Thurs., Feb. 15, 1996 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Spring may not be here yet, but for many, thoughts of spring are constantly with us. One good way to keep sping alive it to attend the Hancock Home and Ag Day. There will be many people on hand to help you plan ahead for spring and get you through the mid-winter slump.

The 1996 Boy Scout Pinewood Derby was narrowed down to three finalist. Jonathan MacRunnel took third place, Shawn Swenson took second place and Chris Wagner was the Derby Champion.


(Taken from the Thursday, Feb. 11, 1971 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Mrs. Jophn Anderson and Mrs. John Finkbiner presented flags to winners in an Americanism poster contest. The winners were James Holleman, Kim Wiese and Denise Schmidgall.

It was 20 below zero and did not get above zero all day but it didn't stop the Hancock, Cyrus Lions Snowmobile Derby on Log Lake. Winners in the various divisions included Sid Wilcox, Gary Payne, Shorty Toop, Don Huntley, and Doug Showalter.

Top winners and those receiving honorable mention in the fifth grade Anti-Smoking poster contest were Patty Greiner, Jayna Finkbiner, Linda Holleman, WAnda Charles, Paula Krogh, Doug Pasche, Denise Schmidgall, Bonita Healy, Betty Beyer, Daryl Holman, Philip Jensen, Sammy Jepma, Jon Cunningham, Scott Dickenson and Jeff Luthi.

Paulette Montoyne and Jere Solvie were married on Nov. 27, 1970.


(Taken from the Friday, Feb. 14, 1936 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A car ran over a boy in Benson, but he didn't mind. Joe Hawkins, a Benson high school student, was leaving the high building with his coat collar pulled up high in an attempt to cut down the frigid blasts. As he stepped from the sidewalk onto the street, an automobile driven by R. W. Richards, came along. Joe didn't see the car and was struck and run over by the rear left whell. The result was that Joe's pants were torn at one knee and he returned to school for the afternoon classes.

Hot lunches have been served at the school since Jan. 6 and have proven very popular. Four hundred forty pupils were served during the three weeks in Jan. and indications are that a much larger number will be served in Feb. The lunches are prepared in the home economics room and is prepared from food furnished by the pupils. Those not furnishing food may secure the meal by paying the nominal fee of three cents a day.


(Taken from the Friday, Feb. 10, 1911 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Henry Schmidgall, who bought the Woodcock farm, before coming here from Illinois, was actively engaged in the manufacture of concrete blocks, tile and arches for culverts in road work. Having looked over the sand at Pages Lake and finding it fit for the same purposes and that there is considerable demand for concrete blocks he has ordered one of the large power machines and will begin manufacturing just as soon as the weather permits. This spring he expects to set his machine up at the sand pit at Pages Lake and manufacture the blocks there but next fall will erect a shed for the purpose at his home so as to get a supply of blocks ahead for early demannnd.