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"love (luv) n."

This is a book that we have here at the library that is very fitting for this week of Valentines Day. The author of this book, Karen Sorenson, asked perfect strangers on the streets of New York City for the perfect meaning of love. She set up a table, put out a sign that read "Love Research," and asked the passersby:

Have you ever fallen in love?

What does love mean to you?

Has your love ever been tested?

How do you prepare for love?

People from all walks of life lined up to take part. Every answer won the respondent a flower and Karen a new understanding. Hundreds of interviews and flowers later, this delightful, moving book brings together the most entertaining and enlightening reflections on the meaning of love ever gathered into one volume. There are also "Love Homework" suggestions-- fun things you can do to think about and spread love.

We too are spreading love at the library by me baking mini cupcakes for you. This really is a 'labor of love' since those who know me well know that I really am not a baker, so come on in Monday for a cupcake!!

"Love is all you need"

by the Beatles, 1967

AND also the new James Patterson book "Tick Tock" is here.

See ya at the Library!