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Talking it over -- 2-3-11

The sign says it all. The theme of this winter is snow. Every day, every week, everywhere.

We are only half way through winter and I am already extremely sick of snow. In the beginning it was kind of pretty. All white and clean. Draping off trees and eaves. However, now it is just getting ugly.

I wonder if we will have a week, or even two days in a row, without more snow added to the growing banks and piles already lined up and waiting for a spring thaw. It is getting very difficult to see over or around the piles of snow and it may become more dangerous as the winter goes on.

We are already hearing the predictions for spring floods. Depending on how the snow melts and how much rainfall we get in the spring, there could be some nasty flooding. Maybe we should appreciate the snow instead of the mud that we know will replace it.

The worst part of a winter like this is that you can never really plan to do something or host an event because any little wind or another snow fall will be cause for postponment or cancellation. With each new storm the events get pushed back further and further until they are virtually on top of each other.

As I write this, Ground Hog Day is just a few days away. Let's hope he does not see his shadow for once and that we will not have six more weeks of winter. I don't think I can remain sane with six more weeks of this stuff followed by several weeks of mud and floods.

Hurry summer, you are missed.