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Hancock Looking Back -- 2-3-11


(Taken from the Thursday, Feb. 1, 2001 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Karissa Thiel was the 2001 Spelling Bee Champion at Hancock Public School for the second straight year. Jessica Ascheman took second place in the bee.

Hancock Cub Scouts were presented with awards for a recent popcorn sale fundraiser. The boys and their prized included Bryan Shaw $65 and $50 gift card to Walmart for selling over $1,000 worth; Dan Lonneman and Blake Swenson each received a telescope for selling over $350 and Josh Tucker and Nick Marczak re ceived a $30 Walmart card. and Austin Schmidgall an $8 gift card.


(Taken from the Thursday, Feb. 8, 1996 issue of the Hancock Record.)

For over 65 years, Ted and Alma Peterson have been valentines. Almost from the moment they met, they were bound together in a love that spanned several decades, through good times and hard times, through sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer.

Ramsey Bohm is the 1996 Spelling Bee Champion. Tied for second place were Ross Haugen and Matt Zeltwanger.

Three Hancock High School seniors atted the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC in Jan. They were Alison Minke, Jeff Zeltwanger and Carrie Zeltwanger. While there they were greeted by Collin Peterson.

Darby Greiner and Jolene Thielke were married on Sept. 23 in Hancock.


(Taken from the Thursday, Feb. 4, 1971 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A class to instruct teenagers in the operation and to acquaint them with the rules governing snowmobiles proved exceedingly popular with 30 young people from the community attending. Upon successfully passing the test they received operators permits.

A fire at the Ray Watson farm at about 7 a.m. Sunday resulted in the loss of 13 sows and about 113 little pigs. Most of the deaths came from suffocation. Altogether there were about 400 sows and little pigs in the building. Mr. Watson discovered the blaze when he got up to investigate the cause of a flickering night light. He looked out the window and saw the door of the hog house on fire.

Ronald Boeckiermann is a patient in the Great Lakes Naval Hospital as the result of injuries received in Vietnam. According to his mother, Ronald was being transferred and was enroute when a tire on the vehicle he was riding blew up, the rim striking him in the head.

Joanne Hoogeveen and Robert Ver Steeg were married on Dec. 19 in Willmar.


(Taken from the Friday, Feb. 7, 1936 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Harry F. Frisbee, president of the Hancock Nationak Bank, died early in the week. With his death the community lost a citizen whose place will be hard to fill and whose loss will be keenly felt in all phases of the community life.

Howard Atz, lineman for the local telephone company met with a terrible accident. He was working at the top of a 35 foot pole at the corner just west of the Erickson lumber yards when he fell from the top of the pole to the ground, his head striking one of the iron steps near the bottom. The iron spike punched a hole in his head just above the left temple and then tore a gash across the side of his head. The injury is a very critical one and if he pulls through it will be a miracle.


(Taken from the Friday, Feb. 3, 1911 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A fine baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pomplun. We know it is a fine baby because Henry handed us a fine smoke and he would not take the trouble to come clear to town to do that just for an ordinary girl and besides Henry says she is the finest ever and he ought to know.

Starbuck is preparing for the annual ski tournament next week. They have built a new tower and there is every prospect of a fun weekend with better conditions for skiing.