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Hancock Library News

I always think February is the short little month with all the stuff going on. Next Monday, we are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Chinese fortune cookies so come have a cookie and find out your future.

The next Monday is Valentine's Day and again we will have treats---Valentine treats to show how much we love our patrons.

The following Monday is a holiday-President's Day- and we will be closed.

We have new DVDs at the library.

"Wall Street Money Never Sleeps"

"Despicable Me"


"Like Dandelion Dust"

"The Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest"



I have to say that I am not much of a movie watcher but my husband and I watched "Secretariat" this weekend and both thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it for adults and children alike, young and old. Even though we remember this event and knew what was going to happen it was very exciting.

We also have new BIG books for little kids and little readers. The titles of our new big books are "The Little Red Hen",and "Over in the Meadow" and "Alice in Wonderland." I buy these mostly for when I am doing a story hour but they are also for checkout for your own family. When I say big books I mean that they measure about 16 by 16 inches. A children's picture books is something that is essentially a work of visual art-something that speaks directly to the eye- and it's role is to stimulate the imagination through the eye. Big Books are a great way for librarians,teachers, day care providers, or anyone reading to a group to read because it makes the books visible for all to see so come check them out if you would like.

Are you in need of a great escape this winter? We have novels that will take you many different places. Just come in and we will help pick one out for you--don't even need your suntan oil (although that sounds awfully good)

See ya at the Library!